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With Thor You’ve Always Got More

I went to watch the new Thor movie that just came out in theatres and I love it!  I am a big

super hero fan and the thrill I got from seeing good defeat evil was huge.  This is the second movie bearing the Thor name and it follows the same theme as the first one with Thor trying to control his great strength and calling, and use it in the right direction.  In this movie Thor was more concerned with the “heart” of what he did and the “effect” it has on others and himself.  His desire to be the “king” was his thorn in the first movie, but life experiences have molded him into a deeper thinking Thor.  He realizes that strength isn’t found in  being the strongest, but having true integrity and using that strength for good is the real result of true strength.  Thor’s metamorphosis is beginning to change him into a super hero who knows the strength he has and the effect it has on others.  I guess you could say, “with great strength, comes great responsibility.”  Hmm, I’ve heard that before.  That’s because this great truth is found in Luke 12:48.  Verse 48 follows up on the parable of the watchful master who was left in charge to keep watch for the return of the Lord.  It is that master’s responsibility to keep the servants ready for the Lord’s return and not fall asleep on the job.  In today’s church we see a lot of churches and church folk sleeping at a time when we should be wide awake!!!  We have been given a great amount of Holy Spirit power by the Lord, but we don’t have watchful hearts and minds and we have become dulled by the world’s constant drag on our lives.  If it isn’t Obamacare problems, it will be church conflict, or something.  It really shouldn’t matter what problems we face, but are we watching and staying alert for the return of our Lord?  If we aren’t, then all these other problems have taken us away from the main thing; watching for the return of our Lord.  In the verses preceding verse 48 Jesus says to be ready even in the 2nd or 3rd watch.  It could be any time, but He wants us to be ready.  You may ask, “how can we be ready?”  Good question.  We can be ready by sharing the gospel with all we come in contact with and by training disciples to do the same.  Right now we have more harvest than we can reach with the present workers in church life.  We need more “watchful workers” who burn with the fire of revival in their hearts and push the bubble that causes change in our churches.  When we get servants with that kind of fire, then the process of going backwards as a church will stop and the ship will be turned and ready to sail.  To do this hearts will have to change.  We need to realize that we have Thor-like power, but our hearts have to be right our we will all try to be King.  There is only one King and he is Jesus Christ, the King of all Kings.  It should be our desire to live our lives for Him alone and use the power He gives us for His Glory by being a vessel poured out for Him.

Micah 5:4 says it well, “He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the LORDin the majesty of thename of the LORD his God. And they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach to theends of the earth.

The greatness of our God is found in the realization that our only hope is found in Him and His strength.  Don’t rely on the world’s strength, it is futile and hopeless.  Don’ rely on your strength, it is weak and temporal.  Rely on God’s strength and then you will find the spiritual Thor inside that will impact this world as never before and cause revival and renewal wherever you go.  The title of the movie I watched last week was Thor:  The Dark World.  We live in a dark world, but we have the Light of Life and we must let that light be seen. When?  NOW!!!  Matthew 5:14 says, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”  We are on the Hill and the name of that Hill is York Terrace.  Time to shine!!! The pilgrimage continues……. David Warren

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