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Protect This House!!!

I was at my daughter and son-in-laws home this past week and they had just installed a new alarm system.  The company they used was ADT.  My son-in-law proceeded to show me all the options of the system including wireless control, police alert for break ins, and off site monitoring.  I was totally impressed by the way it was protecting their home by keeping vigilant for intrusions into their home.  I was also glad to see that my two granddaughters were protected to the utmost.  Protection is an amazing thing and in our world today it is necessary.  Years ago there was no need for protection, as neighbors watched each others homes if needed, but mostly we were much safer.  We see old tv shows and movies from the past and laugh and almost cry as they just left their doors open and didn’t worry about a thing.  That is not the world we live in today.  Crime has risen to epidemic status through the years and the long slide to worldliness is taking it’s toll in how we perceive our neighbors, or those who wander in our neighborhoods.  Life is different and precautions have to be taken to protect our families.  Paul in writing to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:20-21 closes out this first letter by telling Timothy to “protect” or guard what has been entrusted to him.  What is he guarding?  The real truth about life and eternity.  That truth is best seen by how Timothy teaches, plans, leads, and lives.  In 1 Timothy 1:12 Paul alludes to himself being entrusted with the truth and thankful to be able to be a part of sharing that truth.  He says the word “considered” as though to say, “it was an honor.”  Of course, it is an honor to be a representative of the gospel and live every day to share it with others.  That honor has value and needs to be protected and as Paul was entrusted, he also entrusted Timothy with the same honor as written in 1 Timothy 1:18.  Trust means the firm belief in the ability or reliability of someone or something.  Paul gave it to Timothy and now he is asking Timothy to guard it with his life.  What could happen?  The age old problem of human reasoning could come along and begin to water down the real truth and our desire for knowledge could come in and rob the Godly wisdom that directs our lives.  When our human reasoning about foundational truths begins to kick in we begin to warp the purity of truth.  We begin to analyze and scrutinize the basic foundational teachings of Christ and statements like: “oh, he didn’t literally mean that did he?” start to surface.  Before long something so pure and undefiled begins to look totally different to us and then that morphed truth begins to be the standard, and in it’s weakened state of reference we see a slow slide toward worldliness and confusion.  Before long we have new versions of the truth that “make more sense” in our present world.  We “go astray” as Paul tells Timothy and then the whole house of wisdom has been ransacked.  Paul knows this and his warning for Timothy is “avoid it.”  Don’t even entertain it!!  It’s like a long stack of dominoes.  The moment you push one over it doesn’t just affect that one, but the whole line.  The chain reaction of allowing human reasoning and knowledge to enter the house of truth is destructive and life changing.  People who need to hear the gospel, hear a “form of the gospel.”  New believers who need to have spiritual parameters voiced into their lifestyles, hear a “watered down version of the truth.”  What does all this mean?  It means the fox is in the henhouse and he is killing chickens right and left.  Why?  Because the farmer left the door unlatched.  When we allow human reasoning to set the course for our faith, it’s results are disastrous.  What do they call this new lifestyle that is birthed from such a lax attitude about the teachings of Christ?  A USER FRIENDLY FAITH!!  User friendly is a substitute theology that allows human reasoning to dictate what God really wants and leaves out God’s Word.  It’s kind of humorous that Paul’s last words in the first letter to Timothy are “Grace be with you.”  In other words, if you don’t protect what you have been taught, you are going to need all the grace you can get.  If you do protect it, then you will be attacked again and again, and you will need all the grace you can get.  So, what’s the point?  There was a time when the truth was just accepted and we didn’t have to deal with many distortions, but that time is over and now we must “lock our doors” to the sin of human reasoning and protect the truth in our hearts.  We must close our ears to those teachings that compromise the Word of God.  We must avoid these things at all costs….all costs…

Just like Under Armour Sports wear, “Protect This House!!”  Don’t use human reasoning to direct your path.  Follow God’s Word….Protect this House!!!  Don’t let others lead you away from what you know is right…..Protect this House!!!  Don’t let the ways of the world overtake you by making allowances for unGodliness…..Protect this House!!! Avoid teachings from anyone who denies the Word of God and it’s truthfulness….Protect this House!!!  

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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