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Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive - characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and avoidance of direct confrontation.

It is so sad that we have taken the yes's and the no's and made them maybe's. This departure from direct conversation has watered down the purity of conversation and lessened the truthfulness between people. We are in a world where people say Love Ya with no regard for what they are saying and instead of talking straight to a person we talk behind them. Words have become less useful for direct conversation and if someone actually speaks truth they are are considered hateful and mean, no matter how much they sugarcoat it. We waffle again and again and you can never know just how a person feels about something because they hold back their opinion to keep from sharing how they really feel.

This is dangerous and the games we play to "get to the point" make us wonder "what is the point?" I just want to say "just tell me the truth!" The part I hate the most is when a person speaks nice to our face and then stabs you when your back is turned. These same people are manipulators, just like David's son, Absalom was in 2 Samuel 14. David had disowned his son Absalom and had not seen him for many years and didn't want to see him because Absalom had rebelled against him. David was a great warrior, but not the best father, and his relationship with Absalom was horrible. In 2 Samuel 14 it tells of Joab getting a woman from Tekoa to pretend she is mourning for the dead and has been for a long time and Joab gave her a story to tell King David. The story was a passive aggressive attempt to get Absalom back in his father's graces and the woman Tekoa used her wisdom to pull David into the narrative so he would see that maybe he was like the story she was telling....and it was very similar to the story of David and Absalom. She gets to the point of her passive aggressiveness in vere 13-14 13 She replied, “Why don’t you do as much for the people of God as you have promised to do for me? You have convicted yourself in making this decision, because you have refused to bring home your own banished son.14 All of us must die eventually. Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. But God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.

I know of a guy who was duped into believing something that wasn't true and he fell into it because the person duping him used a very passive aggressive way to get his trust. But the true story behind the friendship was nothing more than a ploy to get this guy's trust and then discard him for their own positioning. Passive looking on the outside, but aggressive intent on the inside. That kind of person is a liar at best and an evil person at worst, but they position themselves to win at all costs without being found out. All of this activity and attitude come from a dark place that appears to be good and moral, but in the end is horribly evil. I mean, soap operas are written from this very way of living and people flock to them because they are learning how to do these things without repercussions on them.

I watched a snake-catching show the other day and these two guys were out catching mountain rattlers. They found three under a huge stone slab and proceeded to catch two and then leave the last one because every time they would figure out how the snake was going to respond in a certain way the snake would do the unexpected and catch them off guard. People who are passive aggressive are just like that and they will turn on you in a flash. When it came time for Jesus' disciples to stand with Him at His darkest hour, they failed miserably. When it comes time for us to be real and truthful, may we lift up the example of Jesus in our life through word and deed and be found real and totally upfront in our way of living. We are to be people of conviction mixed with God's love telling the truth and not devising ways to make wrong become right. We need to aggressively be seeking God's Will and growing in our faith every day, and not trying to make that which is wrong seem right.

The Pilgrimage Continues.....

David Warren

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