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our response to God through worship…

Worship is our response to God’s revelation of who He is and what He has done.

God reveals Himself to us through many avenues including His Word, prayer, fellowship with other believers and personal and corporate worship. Our worship of Him is our response to God’s response. That kind of worship is direct and enabling for each of us as we draw closer to God’s plan and purpose for our life through that intimate interaction with the Living God. If you don’t see anyone responding to God in worship, one might wonder if they are in a responding mode. A mode that includes opening our hearts to His Word and His presence is one that draws us closer to Him so He can show us His ways.

I have been in worship services that were just that — service times set aside to sing and listen to a preacher preach. I have also been in worship services where God’s presence through song and word made a huge impact right there, right then, and lives were changed forever. I think it is important for us to come ready to worship the Lord with hungry hearts and thirsty souls, ready to see Him as others worship right there with us. If you come ready, He will not send you away empty. If you come expecting nothing, you may get just that!

How do you prepare your heart for worship? Don’t wait for Sunday to come around to worship the Lord. Worship Him throughout the whole week. Spend time with Him in His Word, in prayer and in song. Live a life of worship. A life that is worshipping Him through service to your family, your friends, your neighbors and your local church is a life of worship. Be active as you center your attention on Him first and foremost. If you will do that, you will be ready for corporate worship and our worship services will be intense and life changing.

Get in the Word today and allow God to mold you and let your response be one of sacrifice and love as you fall more in love with the One who gave it all for you. Remember, God is our audience. Respond to Him and see how much He will light up your life and refresh your heart.

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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