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Make It Rain!!!

Every time I hear a weatherman talk about an upcoming rain shower I cringe when they bring in the fateful words, “hopefully it will clear up so your lake day can be a success.”  Why cringe?  Because I remember in the past when we have experienced drought after drought wondering when the rain will begin.  We beg God to rain at our beckoned call, but don’t want it to spoil our fun.  We need it to rain regularly to “replenish” the earth.  What does it mean to replenish?  It means to fill something back up again or restock back to normal.  We want God to replenish, but sometimes we only want it when it’s convenient for us.  God is always faithful to disregard our weak effort at controlling the elements and comes through with rain at just the right time.  I have come to realize that with replenishment comes a need for appreciation that God is still supplying our basic needs on the earth.  So I want it on record, I say “God make it rain.”  We always need rain and when we get to the point to think we have enough, is when we have taken too much back in our hands.  A few years back the Atlanta area was going through one of the worst droughts I have ever seen.  At that time our church joined with others across our nation to pray for rain for the Atlanta Area.  When the rain came, it not only replenished the earth in that area, it helped the people realize “we need God.”  The prayers we lifted were not any different than the ones mentioned in James 5:16 where James said, “The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.”  He goes on to tell about Elijah praying that it wouldn’t rain and it stopped.  Then he prayed that it would rain and it did.  God answered Elijah’s prayers and the rain began and everything started growing again.

Sometimes we try to put our faith in the same category as rain by letting our faith dwindle day by day.  Possibly the reason could be that it cramps our style or rains on our plans and we don’t want that.  So we don’t seek out God’s replenishing through the Holy Spirit.  Before long we realize there is a great drought in our life and it scares us and we cry out to God, “fill me with your Spirit!”  God is faithful and replenishes our life and His promises are real and true.  If you’ve been living your life on your terms and on your schedule, you may be in a drought and not even realize it.  The Bible says to allow God to replenish you on a regular basis.  In fact we are to seek Him out for that replenishing.  In Matthew 6:33 Jesus says, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  In other words, God, Make It Rain!!  This replenishing is not only helpful, but necessary if we are ever going to grow beyond the world’s perspective about real life.

Allow God to replenish your life today and when that happens everything Spiritual in your life will start to green up and grow again.  Here’s my prayer for my spiritual life.  GOD MAKE IT RAIN!!!

The Pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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