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Can You See the Mountains

We were on a group trip to Montana years ago and as we were gaining more and more elevation it seemed like we would see mountain ranges anytime, but we didn’t.  Then we came around a curve and there in the distance I saw it.  Mountains….like huge mountains.  It was my first time to get to see some of the most majestic and beautiful mountains in my life.  I realized what I had been missing all those years was something totally beyond my imagination, and the sight of those mountains really got to me.  It was something I had not actually planned on being that pretty and big.  In other words, I couldn’t even imagine it before seeing it because my vision of the whole thing was way too small.

As believers we also need to see mountains at times to encourage us about God and His Presence.  Some people might call it proof of God’s existence, but I like to call it affirmation that God is still in control and what He does is way beyond what we can perceive or imagine.  That’s the awesomeness of God!!!  Even in the “we’ve done that” attitude of our world, God continues to pop up wonderful mountaintop things in our lives.   You may be in a place right now where you feel like God is not doing so much in your life.  Well, you are not alone.  But like the group we were driving on our trip, when I saw the mountains, they heard me say, “Now that’s what I call a Mountain!!”  They would have seen the mountains eventually, but it heightened the whole experience when I yelled out in a loud hush, “Mountains. wow!”  My excited, awestruck way of saying it kind of pulled everybody into the excitement of the moment and allowed us all to marvel together.

My question is this; “Can you see the Mountains?”  If not, are you even looking for the mountains?  What I mean is “do you still believe God can amaze?”  If not, then you have let time and circumstances dumb down your attitude about the power and majesty of God.  Don’t doubt God!!  He doesn’t like that, and by the way, you need to start looking for the mountains (beauty of God’s power) in your life again.  satan would like nothing less than to get us to quit pursuing God and His awesome power.  He would like for us to miss all the beautiful things God is doing all around us to minimize God in our thinking.  Don’t let him do it!!  God is still in the mountain making business and He is still working in our lives, so keep on looking for the great things He will do through your life.  Don’t lose the dream that becomes a reality when we are looking for it.  Also, God lets us not only look at those mountains, but also travel on them.  He will take us to heights we never thought were possible and gift us a new outlook on the world around us.  In Luke 9:28 it says “about eight days after Jesus said this, he took Peter, John, and James with him and went  up onto a mountain to pray.”  They went up on the mountain to pray.  Guess who made that mountain?  Jesus.  They were never the same after spending that time with our Savior and you will never be the same if you “walk with God” in your daily life.  One thing about it, God will show you some mountains and the extent of His great power, and He will also take you up on those mountains to show you a new view point.  But first….start looking for God’s handiwork in the world around you and allow that handiwork to be seen in your life as well.

Then point others to the mountains that God has shown you and it will be an eye-opening thing for them also.  

Can you see the mountains?  They are there.  Look again…

The Pilgrimage  continues….

David Warren

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