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Water, Water, Everywhere!!!

One thing leads to another and the continued use of water by our Savior is something from which we draw great truth. Here are some facts about our bodies and water.  The body needs about 3 quarts of water a day to operate efficiently. It helps break up and soften food. The blood, which is 90 percent H2O carries nutrients to the cells. As a cooling agent, water regulates our temperature through perspiration. And without its lubricating properties, our joints and muscles would grind and creak like unused parts of some old rusty machinery.   When you go on a diet, they always say, “drink more water.”  There is something about the flushing of our body and when that works efficiently, everything works better….and we DO lose weight.

In John 13 Jesus washes the disciples feet with….guess what?  WATER.  In Matthew 14 it tells of Jesus walking on the water and we marvel at that feat.  Why?  Because it is AMAZING!  We go a few weeks without water in our area of the country and we are calling it a drought.  When it does rain, we are so thankful God supplied the water to end the drought.  We cannot do without water, and it has been pivotal since the beginning of man.  Uh…..Noah!!  God has been moving and manipulating water to do great and mighty things from the beginning and we just miss it.  Miss what?  Miss the symbolism of this great and mighty thing called WATER!!

Water is another wonderful reminder of all God does to keep us alive and functioning and I believe we should never drink a glass or bottle of water without thanking God for his supply.  In some ways water is an ongoing miracle from God that we tend to appreciate way too lightly.  

Back to the Samaritan Woman.  When Jesus saw her coming to draw water He shared with her the water that would make her never thirst again.  The “spiritual water” he told her about was also an ongoing miracle from God.  We call it salvation and it is eternal.  Believe it or not, some have even taken for granted this great spiritual water that God paid so much  to give us.  I see people drinking water from bottles all the time.  What a great reminder of the water that Jesus gives of which we will never thirst again.  SALVATION-HOW SWEET IT IS!!  From this spiritual drink we receive from Jesus we have an amazing change that takes place that causes that water to flow from us for others to drink.  Open up the spigot and let the water flow.  Water, water, everywhere flow out of believers to a lost and dying world.

The Pilgrimage continues…

David Warren

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