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The Vision Maker

I am enclosing some more of the book I have written as a sneak peek. The book itself will have 10 chapters and it is an easy read. C'mon I wrote it so.... Here are some elements in the book itself about Jesus, The Vision Maker.

Chapter 5 - Planting *Determine what seed you need to plant and begin letting the heart of the vision get out among those who are on the inside of the initial planning. They need to know the heart of the vision and the direction it is going.

Chapter 6 - Promise*As God directs let the vision grow and grow and have steps in place to keep it growing. Do not get in the way of what God is wanting to do because of fear or pride, but let Holy Spirit continue to guide and add more who are believing from a distance what is happening to get in on what they can do.

Chapter 7- Procedure* Begin to identify needs that arise as God provides and you begin to see the seed grow and flourish. Don’t get caught flat-footed and not planning ahead when it comes to use of space, creative time elements, expanding ministry opportunities. Be very organized and expand the inner group so others can come on board to take up the slack from those initial dreamers.

Chapter 8 - Prolong* Once this gets going you will need to refresh the attitude of those involved and those coming to the church to keep it fresh and growing. God will begin to add more and more every day and those people will need to be disciple in the ways of Jesus and the ways of the church.

As you can easily this book deals with real ideas for creating an atmosphere of growth in your life and in your church.

The Pilgrimage Continues.....

David Warren

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