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The Tipping Point

Tipping Point (def) - the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here. So remove your dark deeds like dirty clothes, and put on the shining armor of right living. 13 Because we belong to the day, we must live decent lives for all to see. Don’t participate in the darkness of wild parties and drunkenness, in sexual promiscuity and immoral living, or in quarreling and jealousy. 14 Instead, clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. And don’t let yourself think about ways to indulge your evil desires.

Paul is writing to the church in Rome with a distinct urgency to share God's love more faithfully. His call for a love that is not self-seeking is found at the root of loving your neighbor as yourself. In the case of salvation, do we have the right kind of love that causes us to be burdened for those we mix with every day? And do we try to find ways to share the message of salvation with them with a passion? Paul said the time was urgent even then and how much more urgent is it today? VERY URGENT!

All of this comes back to our priorities. If our priority is to meet with a bunch of other people who are only like-minded and have an almost club mentality we probably won't make a wave in the giant ocean of lost souls. Jesus left the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us and we need His power to make the impact Jesus said we would. Jesus himself said this in John 14:12 “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. 13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. 14 Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!

Call me crazy. Call me delusional. But most assuredly call me a believer in what the Son of God is saying in the above scripture. We will do greater works than Jesus did while on this earth. That is what He said and I believe it, but it will take a stronger love for the world than what we see right now. Paul was writing to a group of believers in Rome who were under great threat from a very corrupt government and this translated into the urgency we read in his words. Paul didn't say retreat, but he did say ADVANCE.

Paul wrote these words to the church at Phillipi in Philippians 1:12 And I want you to know, my dear brothers and sisters,[c] that everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News. 13 For everyone here, including the whole palace guard, knows that I am in chains because of Christ. 14 And because of my imprisonment, most of the believers here have gained confidence and boldly speak God’s message without fear.

Are we making enough of a difference for people to know where we stand and who we are serving? Then maybe we aren't making enough waves with our efforts to get out the gospel message.

I believe God has positioned us for a great awakening and I believe we are at a tipping point in His plan and we are going to see this awakening come to pass. All who are longing for our country to come back to God need to take a stand for the gospel and become vocal in our daily walk about Jesus. In a world with a bunch of options waffling in and out our message must be true and straight to the heart. ONLY JESUS can save a person who is bound for hell. ONLY JESUS is the way to heaven. ONLY JESUS will give us the peace that passes our understanding. ONLY JESUS.

If you are a believer then you have this message in your life and it needs to be freed from the confines of your heart. You stepping up to God's call will be the very thing that causes the awakening in our world and because of your individual commitment to change, great change will take place. Now we see why Paul wrote the following scripture in Ephesians 5:16 Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. It totally makes sense, doesn't it? And your answer is......YES!

'The Awakening is Coming

David Warren

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