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The Power Of The Prince.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

(Fictional Story). Chapter 1

There was a young boy that lived a life of mediocrity and just getting along. But one day this young boy met a prince as this prince traveled through the farmland where his family farm was located. The meeting was not all that special, but the prince did ask the young boy for a drink of water from their well. The boy noticed something special about the prince because the prince was so kind and approachable, so the boy gave a cup of water to the prince. As the prince drank the water he looked deep into the boy's eyes and asked him. "Boy, have you ever heard of the power of the life-giver?" The boy had not heard of such a person and told the prince he did not know what he was talking about.

So the prince began telling the young boy about the life-giver and his power to defeat any evil foe. The boy found it hard to believe what the prince was talking about because he had only known "getting by" and this story seemed to be just that "a story." The prince assured him that he was telling him about a true power that he could have if he would just believe. The boy said, "I could have the power of the life-giver?" The prince told him all he had to do was to believe, but he would need to keep believing and never quit believing no matter what. The boy believed what the prince was saying and he believed and accepted the power by believing in the life-giver. The prince got ready to go and the boy stopped him and said "What do I need to do now?" The prince turned and said "Just keep believing and the life-giver will honor your belief. "It will sometimes get difficult to keep believing because others who have the power from the life-giver may fall away from their belief and try to convince you this isn't real, but if you hold to your faith the life-giver will show himself faithful." The prince continued on his journey and he looked back at the boy and said one word, BELIEVE!

The boy went back to his normal life but always felt like there was something else he was supposed to do in his life and this power given to him by the prince was always drawing him to greatness beyond what he could understand. As time went by the young boy grew into a young man and the power continued to call to him from deep within himself, but he never told anyone about it because he thought no one would understand. Every time he got around others who said they had the power he would get upset with them because they would dishonor the life-giver by saying the power was not real. The young man began to believe what those people were saying, but the life-giver came to him and made the young man commit to follow and believe no matter what and the young man made a commitment to believe in that power for the remainder of his days.

So the power was seen in the young man and his belief in the life-giver doing great things grew and grew and the young man continued to honor the life-giver by stepping out in faith believing for the life-giver to do great things. Others came alongside the young man and helped him because they began to believe in the life-giver's power. Some others had seen the life-giver's power and began to abuse that power and they began to think it was their power and insulted the life-giver and they were punished. The young man kept to his commitment that this power was given for the glory of the life-giver.

The Pilgrimage Continues

David Warren

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