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The Parable Explained – Part 2 – Remember What the Gift Really Is.

He went ahead and stayed at the house for the next two days and after the funeral went back to walk over the old home place.  He walked by the creek where he caught his first perch.  He saw his initials in the stump of an old tree where his grandfather had taught him the proper way to hold a knife.  As he walked up to the house, his aunt was there and came up to him and said, “Dad told me he made a commitment to give you his prize possession, his car.  Here are the keys and the title is already in your name.  He loved you very much and wanted you to have a car that could help you learn to race like you always wanted.”  The young man took the keys and as he watched his aunt drive away, turned to look at the old garage across the driveway.  As he walked over to the garage he opened the door and there it was.  The ultimate driving machine.  Shiny, low to the ground, and ready to race.  He took out the key and noticed it was kind of old looking.  He thought that it was probably the car company’s attempt to keep an old fashioned spin on a new car by having an old looking key.  He sat down in the driver’s seat, and after gathering himself, raised his hand to put the key in the ignition.  To his surprise, the key wouldn’t even go in!  He tried the two other keys on the key chain,  but they wouldn’t fit either.  He couldn’t figure out what was going on.  As he looked around the garage he noticed a sign on a divider door in middle of the garage in front of the car.  The sign said, “To my beloved grandson. Enjoy!”

When the young man came to his grandpa’s farm and was met by another member of the family telling him of his grandpa’s death, he suddenly thought he was too late to accept the gift in person. He was like the disciples when Jesus told them He was going to leave them. The young man’s focus turned to his memories of his relationship with his grandpa.  That relationship was filled with wisdom being handed down to him by his grandfather.  He thought of all the wisdom he had missed because his grandpa was gone.  He knew there were many more lessons to learn and really felt at a loss.  His aunt giving him the keys represents other members of those who know Jesus encouraging those who aren’t growing in their relationship with Lord.  They want to serve God by handing off the access to a better way of living.  They also want to remind those they are encouraging that God really does love them and wants the best for them.  They are pointing the way so the purpose of God in a person’s life can be furthered.  Sadly enough, we are living in a world that is presenting shiny, easy access faith and that faith is mostly shallow and very temporal.  It’s strength is found in it’s “looks” that entices those searching for the “true faith” to accept a compromised version of the real thing.  Shiny and Shallow go hand in hand and those who are looking for something like a movie hero faith result with no buy in, find themselves very disapppointed when what God is saying doesn’t line up with what kind of faith is being presented.  The keys not fitting the shiny red car represent that our impression of what God is desiring to give us is much different that what we think we are receiving.  The only problem is; the keys of the faith don’t fit this shallow kind of faith.  In God’s love letter to His people (The Bible)  it details that God’s love and direction are found throughout and His message to us is “keep looking” because I want the BEST for you.  His message is clear and it is pointing to the right faith and way of life.  In the next explanation in the days ahead we will see the “way” to living a life of purpose and wisdom.  A life that is not temporal, but eternal  A life that not only enables us to run the race, but win the race EVERY TIME!!!  There is a Gift that is waiting for all who follow Christ. We just need to remember what the gift really is!!

The Pilgrimage Continues……

David Warren

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