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The Fire Keeper Part Two

The days seemed to go by soooo slowly for Bergismeyer and he had not seen even a hint of activity from the border. The young man began to become complacent and started believing his task was way overrated and over the next two weeks began to take longer and longer naps. Those naps turned into a full dead sleep and Bergismeyer became content to just look at the border every once-in-a-while. Little by little his vigilance turned into a weak attempt at protecting the people and his conscience started talking him in to just loafing the last week. Bergismeyer forgot what he was on the tower for and his lack of focus began to wear at his spirit and his enthusiasm was dwindling little by little.

His sleeping habits began to take him into a deep slumber that would sometimes last all night. As he approached the date to be replaced Bergismeyer started dreaming about that ten acres he was getting when his shift was over. As he was dreaming about it one night, in his dream he heard some people’s voices saying, "It's ok. There is no one in the tower anymore." This startled his sleep and he woke up in a frenzy and looked below the tower and saw hundreds of people walking toward his village. In his lazy condition, he had forgotten to keep the kindling dry so the fire would light quickly, and all of his torches had gone out, except for a spark in one of the torches. Bergismeyer took the torch and began to breathe on the ember, praying it would catch hold and light. Finally, it did light and as the flame got stronger and stronger the young man lit the signal fire and it began to burn. But by now the hundreds of invaders were so close to the village that the young man didn't know if the village could get ready in time.

Bergismeyer said to himself, “think, think, think” and then it came to him. I will create a diversion. Something so big that they stop their advance on our village and quit the invasion. Bergismeyer shinnied down the rope and landed on the ground and sprinted toward the enemy village. As He approached He saw there was no one at the gate and he went on in and found that the whole village had joined the invasion force and so their village was defenseless. No sentries, no watch, empty. Then Bergismeyer looked at the torch in his hand and had any idea. He began to go to every house and every part of the wall surrounding their village and set them on fire with his torch. A great and mighty fire began to build and before long the whole village was in flames. Bergismeyer left the village and as he ran back toward his village a huge group of people were running his way, so he ran off into the woods and hid behind a tree. Apparently, the fire had gotten so big the invasion force of the rival village noticed it and they went back to try to save their village. Their villagers were screaming as they approached their village and saw they no longer had a village or walls of protection around that village. Bergismeyer began to make his way back toward the fire tower through the woods and when the last enemy villager passed by Bergismeyer got on the road that went back to his tower. He climbed up the rope and got back on the tower.

It had come time for Bergismeyer to come down from the tower because his duty was over and as the wagon with his replacement stopped below the tower he could see that the new guy was eyeing the tower with a little bit of fear, to which Bergismeyer said, “Don’t be afraid. If you keep your mind on what you are here for you will do fine. The Recruit, whose name was Alton asked Bergismeyer, “Surely you saw the invasion force from our neighboring village come by?” Bergismeyer said, “Yes, I saw them and I saw them leave quickly also. Alton just shrugged his shoulders and sat down to make himself ready for his time on the tower. As Bergismeyer got in the basket to be lowered down from the tower he called out to Alton and said, “Remember to keep vigilant and use your head if something goes wrong!” Alton said, “Don’t worry about me.” Bergismeyer just grinned and thought to himself “If he only knew.”

We can depend on the power of the Lord and even when we are not vigilant in our walk with Him. There are times I have messed up and become complacent in my walk and God is faithful to help me in my biggest time of need. God is the one who is the power supplier, but we must access that power and take back territory that Satan has taken from us. When Satan attacks us the power of God through the Holy Spirit will burn Satan’s stronghold and send him packing. Our God is an unquenchable fire that scorches the enemy’s territory and reclaims peace for each of us. You may feel like you only have a little spark of hope left in your life, but remember God can breathe new life into that spark and create a fire that is overwhelming and strong. God will defeat Satan at every turn and before long the enemy will be less of an influence in your life and you will experience a new sense of God’s presence. We don’t live in fear and defeat. We live in confidence and victory because of Jesus. Moral of the story: Stay focused and remember, we are to keep vigilant in our daily walk with God. Habakkuk 2:I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post.

Remember what Psalm 24:8 says Who is the King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty; the Lord, invincible in battle.

The Pilgrimage continues....

David Warren

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