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The Elitist vs. The Humble

Elitist – of a person considered superior by other or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society

Humble – not proud or arrogant; modest

Wakefield tells the story of the famous inventor Samuel Morse who was once asked if he ever encountered situations where he didn’t know what to do.  Morse responded, “More than once, and whenever I could not see my way clearly, I knelt down and prayed to God for light and understanding.”  Morse received many honors from his invention of the telegraph but felt undeserving.  “I have made a valuable application of electricity not because I was superior to other men but solely because God, who meant it for mankind, must reveal it to someone and He was pleased to reveal it to me.”

The gospel has been revealed to us and it is now our humble position that causes us to be glad to give it to the world.  We don’t reveal that gospel because we are superior to other men, but because God decided to use us to share it with the world.    May the light be seen through our humble attitudes and may Jesus be glorified through our humble lives.  God’s blessing is found in that kind of life.

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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