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The Cries of Our Heart

Luke 7:1 When Jesus had finished saying all this to the people, he returned to Capernaum. At that time the highly valued slave of a Roman officer was sick and near death. When the officer heard about Jesus, he sent some respected Jewish elders to ask him to come and heal his slave. So they earnestly begged Jesus to help the man.

When a person is desperate they will do anything to get a miracle and the Roman officer had heard about Jesus, the healer, and had to reach out to Him through the religious leaders. One way or the other, he was going to get his servant healed because he believed that Jesus could heal him. Talk about mustard seed faith? His faith moved up to the lettuce seed size and He was trusting Jesus for a miracle.

The most serious test of our faith is just that FAITH. We say we believe, but do we truly believe? Sometimes we put conditions on our belief and give a half-hearted effort in our belief and the end result is half-hearted. This Roman officer had "raw" faith that exceeded even the faith of the religious people of the day. Jesus responded to this man's faith and the following verses show the end result of the whole scene. Luke 7:When Jesus heard this, he was amazed. Turning to the crowd that was following him, he said, “I tell you, I haven’t seen faith like this in all Israel!” 10 And when the officer’s friends returned to his house, they found the slave completely healed.

What did Jesus "hear" of? The man's faith that Jesus could heal his servant without even touching him. This officer surely didn't have the latest faith healing news and he thought he would try it out. NO. This officer was putting his all into what Jesus could do and Jesus responded. Pure faith from a very nonreligious person. But he was desperate. Desperate is faith is focused faith and the focus is on the healer and the other details really don't matter. Have you been that desperate for God to move in your situation? REALLY DESPERATE. Then have the kind of faith that propels you to believe 100% that our Savior, Our Lord, Jesus, can intervene and make a miracle happen.

We are conditioned by the world and by religion to have conditional faith, so the raw faith necessary to move the mountains in our lives is not lived or prayed. The faith that has no turning back is a faith that God responds to and Jesus spoke to when He said;“I tell you, I haven’t seen faith like this in all Israel!” The result of that faith is found in the following verse. 10 And when the officer’s friends returned to his house, they found the slave completely healed.

Here is the conclusion. Jesus came through. Jesus always comes through. Don't doubt Jesus. We can trust Jesus. He hears The Cries of Our Heart.

The Pilgrimage Continues,

David Warren

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