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Patch the Holes


As believers our allegiance is to Christ alone and Jesus is the one who keeps the unity and harmony in His church because He looks at everyone the same.  No preferential treatment.   We are to line up behind the teachings of Christ and go forward together with the same mind, the mind of Christ.  If dissension and selfishness  were kept out of the church we would see great growth in numbers and in spiritual maturity and our fellowship would be strong and encouraging.   May we make every effort to be a peacemaker in every situation and also make every effort to follow Christ and His example and not a person.  I pray our churches will be unified in reaching the world for Christ and that the Bible will be our guidebook in how to do it.  When we have unity it fills the holes in our fellowship that can cause us to drift away from each other.  Time to patch the holes!!!!

The Pilgrimage continues……

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