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Oh No! Quicksand!

I wrote about King David yesterday and his openness of heart when crying out to God at the time of his most desperate sin.  His sin affected family, friends, country, battle plans, future events, but most of all his close relationship with God.  When push came to shove David knew who he could rely on and no one else could help him but God Almighty.  He did not rest in his own strength when trying to get through a tough time.  He rested in the only one he could trust.  God!  Andra and I went to the see the movie “Prince of Persia” last night and it was a very enjoyable experience and had a lasting message for many different life situations.  One in particular was what happens when we feel like we are all alone and sinking in the sand. In the movie the main character came up against evil after evil, but he never gave up on the hope of those closest to him.  He used every bit of strength he had to keep going when all odds seemed to be against him.  The end result was good defeating evil.  Evil did have it’s day, but good prevailed.  In Psalm 69, one such time where evil was seemingly winning was facing David and his first reaction was to call out to God.  He apparently was facing evil at every turn and it was outside and inside the camp.  All around were doubting him and trying to get to him through negative reinforcement and he felt like he was sinking further and further down.  Here’s what he said to God.  “God, God, save me!  I”m in over my head, quicksand under me, swamp water over me; I’m going down for the third time.”  He goes on to say that he has more enemies than hairs on his head and he is hoarse from crying for help.  An old song by the group Head East entitled Never Been Any Reason has the lyrics “Save my life, I’m going down for the last time.”  Well those were the words David used and he wasn’t looking at mud that he could step out of.  He was in quicksand and he would have to be pulled out. He was in dire straits.

I read of a story of a couple on their honeymoon that went to a particular beach.  They didn’t know about one stretch of the beach that was considered very dangerous because of it’s quicksand type sand.  In fact, if you ever got stuck in that sand it was almost impossible to get out.  Not knowing about that area of the beach they walked right into a part of it and the wife got stuck, but the husband didn’t.  He tried and tried to get her out of the suction of the sand, but to no avail.  After tugging at her with winches and four wheelers, they finally thought they would try a helicopter, but all that did was dislocate her shoulders.  She was stuck and the tide had started to come in.  They all watched helplessly as she drowned in the ocean, only stuck up to her knees.  When we get stuck in the mire, we may seem so helpless, but when it comes to getting out we have to realize the limits of our strength and immediately rely on God’s strength. When you call out, God answers and He will pull you out of the trap the world and all it’s bad stuff has trapped you in.  No matter how strong the sand.  Trials are gonna happen and things are gonna go wrong, but God is faithful.  He will pull you out and keep the tide of evil from drowning you.

Just remember, try to stay on the solid rock and don’t get trapped into building your life on the sand, because it just might be quicksand.  If you do fall into it, then react like David and open your life before the Lord and say, “Oh No! Quicksand!”  He will hear.  He will act.  He is God!!

The pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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