Make Sure Your Heart Has a Good Battery in It’s Peacemaker

There is a very important quality we need to establish in our life.  It is the quality of being a Peacemaker.  Peacemaking is a very thankless, special quality that few have and all need.  A peacemaker is one who insures that harmony and unity are supreme.  They are super sensitive to situations and analyze both sides of aggression to find the best possible solution to a problem.  Instead of envy and selfishness, a peacemaker is a lover of peace, considerate, submissive, and full of mercy and good fruit.  Their life carries a certain purity that is only explained by those they come in contact with.  Sadly enough, I have known few true peacemakers in my time and sadly I have not been a very good one myself.  Even the best of peacemakers always have to be on alert to keep their relationship with Christ current and real.  In James 4: 13 – 18 it talks about people who aren’t peacermakers, who have the wrong qualities and spread disorder and evil.  Then it talks about those who are truly wise in their walk and their purity of heart spreads good fruit and unity.  The end result of a non-peacemaker is a lot of hurt and confusion and not much good comes from it.  The end result of a peacemaker is what the Bible calls “a harvest of righteousness.”  When peace is sown, the fruit it bears is righteousness.

I have a friend who has a pacemaker and if his heart gets below a certain beat sequence his pacemaker will give him a wake up shock to keep his heart  pumping correctly.  The reason for the pacemaker is because his heart quit working efficiently enough to be trusted.  The pacemaker is a fail-safe device to make up for a sick heart.   When our heart gets sick and we begin to allow our old nature to control our actions we don’t see a harvest of righteousness, we see a harvest of weeds or sin.  God wants us to get beyond the desire to control things for ourselves and get to the point that everything is under His control.  Our heart will weaken from time to time, but God is our peacemaker.  He will take those things that rattle others and cause us to look at them as He does.  Then our reaction will be one that turns a bad situation into peace and harmony.

As I said before, to keep the quality of a peacemaker it takes a constant watch over our lifestyle, our words, and our reactions.  Allow God’s great reminder shock to keep you in line with the path He has you on.  There is a world needing to see more of God’s Peace and less of our worldly attitude.  Ask God to keep you on track with His Spiritual Pacemaker.  Our heart is a wonderful organ that keeps us alive.  God’s batteries (the Holy Spirit) are always charged and ready to keep peace alive as we grow closer and closer to Him as His Peacemakers.

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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