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Living Legacy – Fatherhood Part 3

Today I will write about our third child and second born son, Seth Joshua Warren.  When Seth was born we lived in Livermore, California and I was serving at First Bapist Church, Pleasanton, California.  It was an emotional time for both Andra and I as we rejoiced over Seth’s birth ourselves with no family but Ty and Natalie with us.  A lot of tears were shed at that time and the intense events around the birth could not have been handled without the presence of God in the whole situation.  Seth’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and had he not been born when he was would have suffered much brain damage, if not death.  Looking back on it I can see God’s hand protecting Seth and I have always thanked God for His saving, healing hand on Seth’s life.  After a traumatic experience like that it makes you extra  protective for the one it happened to and that is how I have been with Seth.   With the realization that Seth is a lot like me it further causes our relationship to be very special.  I don’t love any one of my children more than the others, but sometimes connections, because of special circumstances, cause you to respond to them in different ways.  When I was told of the near tragic result in Seth’s birth it touched me deeply and drew me to want to make sure he was safe.  That attitude and desire stayed with me throughout his childhood and now into adulthood.  It’s just the way things worked out.  I think of my sin affliction and the special care God has taken to make a way for me to live eternally and His ongoing watchful eye on my steps and the extra care He takes to protect me and it overwhelms me.  He is my Father!!  At times when I was all alone, God was there. When no one else noticed me, God was there.  When I felt overwhelmed in life, God was there.  God passed that heart to me and I passed it on to Seth.  I look forward to Seth becoming a father in July.  I fully believe he will feel those same things I felt when I was protecting him.  That part of fatherly love I will never regret giving to him and I will always remember the impact those experiences had on my life.  As I was fathering Seth during those difficult times, God was fathering me and giving me strength, and kept my heart on track in parenting.  What more could a father ask for?  Nothing!!  

In the midst of much adversity Seth excelled as only a believer can and God gave him a a heart of a dreamer.  His dreams  have been trampled on many times by life’s circumstances and the attacks of the enemy, but something given by God cannot be quenched and Seth has kept that dreamer’s heart and mind.  Seth had the great privilege of having two great siblings who cared for and loved him through his early years.  He has a great admiration and love for his older brother and sister and continues to enjoy the affirmation they give to him to let him know he is doing good.  Job in the midst of all his trials said in Job 34:21  “For His eyes are upon the way of a man, And He sees all his steps.” I believe God has supernaturally equipped Seth to do great things for Him.  He has given Seth the heart of a dreamer and Seth is trying to pursue the dreams God has put in his heart.  God is directing Seth’s steps and the path has many potholes put in it by the enemy, but Seth will persevere with God’s mighty hand and continue to follow the path set before him touching lives for Christ as he goes. I am sure of that one thing.  Now that Seth has joined the military it has been hard for me to hand off his care, believe it or not, to God.  That has been a point of contention between me and my heavenly Father, but I do trust Him and want what is best for Seth and not what  is best for me.  God is his mighty protector and does a much better job of it than me.  So it is what it is.  You may read this and think, “what’s the big deal.” Just let go.

Fatherhood is much different than that for me.  You see, my heart is connected to all my children and I believe that is what is supposed to happen.  I learned from the best on that one.  I learned that from my heavenly Father.  So I say to Seth, dream on.  Live your life to the fullest and be the one many times misunderstood.  It’s ok.  People don’t understand me much either or my heavenly Father.  That doesn’t minimize what you are called to do and the heart God has given you to do it with.  I pray Psalm 18:36 over Seth’s life.  The scripture says, “You enlarge my steps under me, And my feet have not slipped.”  When your dreams come true Seth, remember God, the one who gave you the dream.  He will keep your feet from slipping and keep you on track.  Live for Him alone. He is your loving Father and He is protecting you and guiding you.

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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