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Guilty is Still Guilty

I was watching The Mentalist tonight and they had a story about a killer who was very proud of his killing expertise.  He was so proud that he thought he couldn’t get caught and in his boldness seemed to make his killing an art.  In the end he was killed himself and he didn’t boast anymore after that.  I have noticed that many Christians, including some ministers, have prided themself in the ability to sin and not feel guilty about it.  You say, how?  It’s like substitutes for some of the “no say” words are now acceptable.  It’s the new way of “being real” in our Christian Life and in our ministry.  The sad part about it is like a fraternity their little followers are doing exactly the same thing they are doing to be “cool” or “in.”  This is coming in the disguise of living a “contemporary” way of living and boasts of being much more real and cutting edge.  The only problem with the whole thing is that “cool” really isn’t “cool” at all.  It is still sin, no matter the package.  I watch different preachers messages from time to time and I am at times astonished by the language and illustrations being used.  It’s like they are looking for the “shock” factor when they speak and rely on people being wowed over because of their boldness.   Before  I was called into full time ministry I worked as a deckhand on the Mississippi River and the talk and actions of many of those workers at the time was very crude and edgy.  It’s sad to see that the desire to be relevant is causing many Christians to stoop to that type of talk and living.  Of course, as I share this I have to make sure in my heart this isn’t a judgment by me, because I have no right to judge.  But this problem has increased and the witness of boldly sinning, without calling it sin, has grown to the point that it is taking the place of God’s Word. Just like the bold killer in The Mentalist episode, there will be a time of reckoning, but the fallout along the way is becoming more and more devastating.  Here’s something to think about when leaning toward this type of lifestyle.  Is this glorifying to God?  Has the world become more prevalent in your life than God?  Has one step in the wrong direction put you further down the road of sin than you intended?  If someone you trust as being Godly is leading you down this path, are they really someone you need to be following?  I will tell you this, if you are a minister and you take a stand against this type of activity and talk don’t expect to get asked to lunch any time soon.  Also, don’t expect to get an opportunity to speak to any of their groups in the near future.  This causes an interesting paradigm for you as a believer.  You are going to be exluded because of your desire to be more like God?  Does this finish painting the picture for you.  It’s not worth it to “just fit in” to the right group, so don’t do it.  God has great things He wants to do right now and He is very relevant to what is going on.  He just doesn’t need us immersing our lives in sin to get it done. He calls us to be righteous as He is righteous.  Our type of righteousness is what the Bible calls “filthy rags.”  Throw in the towel on the marginal lifesytle and come back to God.  He and His Word are still “cool”, so don’t worry, you won’t lose your identity.  You will just gain the right one.  Guilty is Guilty.  Wrong is Wrong.  No excuses for sin.  Just reasons to be more like God. Galatians 5:13 “You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.”

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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