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GPS: God’s Perfect Spirit

Moving in the right direction is a major priority in a believer’s life. We use words like following God’s will, seeking His direction and others to emphasize just how much going the right way makes a difference for each of us. As a Christian it is imperative that we seek His Way, so that we match up with God’s direction for our life. God has an awesome way of giving us direction through the Holy Spirit. When we study God’s Word, interact with God through prayer and counsel with other believers an amazing thing happens, we start getting signals from God’s Perfect Spirit. This isn’t the only time that happens, but it seems to be an optimum time for God to reveal Himself to us in a very personal and unique way.

When Jesus promised the Holy Spirit in John 14 He shared that those who love Him will FOLLOW His ways by obeying His commands. Then He goes on to tell us that the Holy Spirit will come and be the Counselor sent in His name. That Counselor will teach all things and remind them of everything He has taught and said. Why do we need the Spirit to remind us of everything He has taught and said? Because we lose our way. We forget those things that we must remember to continue moving in the right direction.

When we lose direction it is because we are not following God’s GPS, or God’s Perfect Spirit, and the end result is confusion and fear. In John 14:27 Jesus says, “Peace I give you, I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid.” He gives us the right direction and that direction is filled with His peace. The world gives us direction and that direction is imperfect and compromised. Tap into God’s direction and God will show you His way, and His way is perfect.

Thank you, Music Camp 2009!

Another GPS, God’s Plan of Salvation, was seen this past Sunday through the musical presentation of the children who attended Music Camp 2009. All were blessed as our children shared the salvation message through song and drama led by Allison Jordan and her leadership team. Approximately 850 people were in attendance, and the witness on the campus of UNCW by our children was felt by all. Please tell Allison, the workers and the children how much that effort meant to you and how much it inspired you. Music Camp 2009: a great success and a great time of spiritual growth for all involved. Thank you to all and praise God! David Warren Worship Pastor

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