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fighting the war in the stars…

Being a huge Star Wars fan, I remember going to the first movie to come out in theaters. It was weaving the story of Luke finding his place in fighting the good fight to make sure the good won out. He had a mentor named OB1 Kenobi, who in appearances, seemed wise but not much of a fighter. Luke and his companions had gone to the enemy’s ship to free Princess Leia and in doing so encountered Darth Vader. In a powerful scene, OB1 Kenobi ended up fighting Darth Vader face to face. Good versus evil. Luke and his companions saw the fight from a distance and after OB1 had assured enough time for the group to escape, he did a very strange thing. He lowered his light sabre and Darth Vader seemingly struck him down. Luke was mortified as he saw his mentor, his friend die before his very eyes. He did not know that OB1 had to die to make it possible for Luke and those of the force to rise up in more powerful numbers and defeat evil once and for all. After that OB1 was a constant help as a spirit that would step in and continue to lead and enable those fighting the good fight. Evil was defeated and peace and good reigned from there on.

That mirrors the fight we as believers continue to fight through the strength of the one who died for us, Jesus. It has always been a struggle as we continue to fight the good fight and present the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Each of us are important to God’s plan and His great power comes alive in all who know Him and call him Savior. That plan takes many different directions as He guides us in His perfect will to accomplish, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Great Commission. Jesus died and left the Holy Spirit to empower us to do His work. HIS work!

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do

what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these,

because I am going to the Father.

–John 14:12

As we have served together over the past three years we have seen God do some incredible things. We have experienced those things together and those experiences have knit our hearts together for eternity. Even though I won’t be here, we are still actually all still together….in our love for Jesus, in our heart for worshipping our Lord, in our obedience to His call. The call remains the same, just different connections with different people.

My challenge is this: don’t back away or back off. Continue to fan the flame and see just what God can continue to do through each of you. His plan is still the best. His love is still contagious. He is still worthy of all our praise. He is the great I AM. Serving miles apart we will continue to be of one heart and mind as we serve Him in our mission fields. Our time with you has blessed our hearts and made us better servants. Thank you for encouraging us and loving us, and challenging us to greatness. Hopefully, we have done the same and the lasting effect of our crossing paths will continue to impact a world desperately in need of a Savior.

The Pilgrimage continues…. David Warren

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