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E.R. The Last Episode

I was watching TV the other day and happened on an old episode of  the TV show E.R.  You know, it was the show about an emergency room that had about 20 major emergencies on each show.  It became “the show” to watch and I really enjoyed it for the time it was on tv.  Stars like George Clooney and many others found their foothold to movie stardom out of the show E.R.  One thing I noticed about E.R. is they  always had someone just about to die, or explode (weird episode) and people were running around everwhere trying to get the one thing that could save the person they were working.  You didn’t see anyone going,”I’ll get back with you on that, or give me a few minutes to finish my coffee.”  Everything was an emergency.  One episode a hypochrondriac came in they ran a bunch of tests and found out he was imagining the whole thing.  You know what they did?  Kicked him out!  Why?  Because he didn’t need help and he was in the way of others getting the emergency help they needed.

In Luke 5:27-32, Jesus approached a tax collector named Levi and Levi believed and became a follower of Jesus.  He invited Jesus to his house and invited his other friends and guess who they were?  Tax Collectors.  The Pharisees heard about it and complained to His disciples and they asked Jesus, “Why do you eat with and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”  This is where Jesus said it all.  He said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”  Jesus was setting up His own E.R. and he was receiving patients.  He knew what illness they had and He had the cure for what ailed them.  What ailed them was SIN.  The cure was forgiveness.  He was offering it to all and those who got cured were so excited they told their friends they could be cured too.

Are we looking at the urgency to see others healed by opening a Doctor’s Office for Walk Ins, or maybe a Rest Home for Sleep Ins, or maybe we don’t even worry with a Doctor’s Office because we hope the sickness will just go away.  It’s not going to go away and it is an Emergency, and people are still sick, and they need His healing in their life.  Have we let all the ambulances run out of gas?  Are we not receiving patients anymore?  Is there no more medicine in the Pharmacy because of neglect.   Whatever has lulled us into thinking a lost person going to hell is no emergency needs to be expelled from our thinking. Luke 14:23 “The master said, “Then go to the country roads.  Whoever you find, dram them in.  I want my house full.” Sounds like His emergency room is still serving people who need one thing, salvation.  Never get talked into believing there aren’t anymore sick people around you.  If you offer them the King of Kings, you never know how many will respond.  But you must offer.  It’s an EMERGENCY!!!  In one of th earlier episodes I remember a rich guy that had been saved in the E.R. coming back and offering them an enormous amout of money out of  gratitude.  He was able to walk in the E.R. and help now that he was cured.  If you have been cured, you surely want to do anything you can to make sure the E.R. keeps serving people so others can be like you.  All Jesus wants is your whole heart.  After you give that He will explain the other ways you can serve.  Keep in mind that this show is going to run it’s full season and then be over….No reruns!!!  Make this the last episode anyone will ever need to experience.

The pilgrimage continues……

David Warren

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