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Dual Survival – Fanning the Flame

I watch the TV show Dual Survival every chance I get.  I am amazed at how much these guys know about survival and I have learned quite a bit about it myself….just in case.  It seems they are dropped into the jungle and rain forests quite a bit and it is  cool to see them figure out a way to make fire with wet wood.  They go all the way from sun through a magnifying glass to battery sparks, and yes, the most famous one of all, rubbing sticks together to cause a friction spark.  Many times they end up working on the fire building together and one will twirl a stick as it fits in a groove on another stick and when it starts smoking, the other guy will get by the spark and blow on it to make it come alive.  So here is the process.  1.  Find the right sticks 2. Rub them together making a spark  3.  Have dry kindling ready to put on the spark  4.  Blow on the spark to cause it to ignite  5.  Add more wood and there it is….a fire!

In 1 Timothy 1:6 the Apostle Paul writes to Timothy  6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.  As in Dual Survival, there are two helping each other survive in the wilderness.  Our Dual Survival includes us and the Holy Spirit.  The spark has already been ignited through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and He has given that spark to us… the Holy Spirit.  From time to time I will pray for Holy Spirit fire to come and ignite the hearts of His people and that ignition can only come through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes we try to handle everything on our own and leave the true spark out of the mix and then we wonder why we have no fire.   As in Dual Survival, you must have the spark to catch the kindling on fire and then the fire will grow.  

God has given us the best possible spark for this fire to take hold and really burn bright, but why doesn’t it?   We must learn to rely totally on the other part of the fire making procedure, the Holy Spirit of God.  He is not only the spark, but he is the other part of breathing breath into the fire itself.  Job wrote in Job 33:4  the Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.  The man who was speaking was Elihu, a young man who was talking with Job about his condition.  Elihu  was  proclaiming wisdom to Job from a good heart, but he was also very frustrated with the way all were looking at the needs for Job’s life.  He was very candid about the needs for Job in his life.  Elihu was younger and waited for Job’s friends who were older to speak and then he spoke.  When he spoke he spoke as one with great wisdom and his upfront honesty was what was needed to bring a new word to the conversation.  Forget that he was young.  He spoke as one who knew God and that was what was needed.  He was fanning the flame.

If we want to see the fire come to life we must pray for God to send His Spirit into every situation and fan the flames.  Without Him we have no hope for a good fire, and it can even be done with wet wood like we see in the church of today.  We don’t have to have perfect conditions for the flame to get brighter, but we do need the power of the Holy Spirit for it to happen.  I have started listening a lot to a young preacher’s messages.  His name is Steven Furtick, and he is fanning flames and proclaiming Gods’ power by proclaiming God is bigger than our circumstances.  I like his reasoning and his  young approach to believing God’s Word is refreshing to say the least.  He is not one to back away from the spark we have been given, but the one who blows on it to make the flame grow brighter and brighter.  Much like Elihu his message is one that takes into account all that has been said, and then he comes with God’s approach.  The best approach.  The powerful approach.

I like what Paul shares with young Timothy in verse 7 where He says 7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.  Paul is asking Timothy to fan the flame and be bold in doing it.  That flame will become and brighter and brighter if we are willing to step out and step up to the calling of God.

We may seem to have a lot of wet wood to work with, but with the Holy Spirit giving us the good spark and our commitment to fan the flame, the fire will grow brighter.  It will not just be survival though.  It will be victory after victory for the cause of Christ.  You may feel like  you are in a Job-like condition, but listen to the heart of an Elihu when I say, God’s spirit is all around and ready to move.  So…..MOVE!!  NOW!

As Steven Furtick once said,  We aren’t waiting for  revival.  We ARE the revival!!  So let’s work together to see it happen.  Together we can do it, but together first with the Holy Spirit is where it all begins.

The Pilgrimage continues…

David Warren

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