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Dream Makers

Years ago I spent a great amount of time with my two boys as they went up through the different sports and activities molding who they were to become.  It was a great time for Father and Son and the investment of time and money was far surpassed by the timeless memories of me with my boys.  Of course, I love all the great times with my two girls and I will speak about a Father’s relationship with his girls tomorrow.  I can count on one hand the times I ever missed a practice with either of my boys and if I wasn’t there…I was still there.  Cheering them on to greatness.  Why?  Because I believed in them and what God had enabled them to be and I protected that with all I had to make sure they had every opportunity to excel in their endeavors.  I believed the seed God had planted in their lives needed to be cultivated and nurtured and that was what I was commissioned to do.  I remember the joy of seeing them succeed and fail and learn from both of those vantage points.  I am a very competitive person and you may knock me down, but I will get back up.  I saw them show those same characteristics on the football field, soccer field, basketball court, Medical School, college, job, relationships, and many other areas.  I never wanted to squelch their dreams.  Yes, dreams!!  I saw the movie The Tooth Fairy last night and the main character, “The Rock” would have kids come up to him and say they wanted to be a great athlete or musician and time after time he would give them the statistics of why they couldn’t achieve their dreams.  Their hopes dashed, they would walk away sad and lifeless, their dreams crushed.  The Rock ended up being drafted as a Tooth Fairy because of his dream crushing and he learned that life really is about dreams.  He learned to encourage kids to greatness and his whole life changed.

Have you ever been around a dream crusher?  I have and they make your life miserable and seem to always want you to settle for something.  You know what I mean.  Settle for this because you aren’t talented enough.  Settle for that because it’s beyond the realm of what I can see you doing.  Settle for this because you might become something bigger than me.  We go through life with more negative dream crushers than positive dream makers.  Life is real and those who make a difference believe that God has a special plan just for them and that he has enabled them to be the best they can be.  Dream crushers hate people like that and do everything they can to kill their dreams.  I believe when you have someone come in your life who believes the sky is the limit for what you can become and do, you can make it.  That kind of person has gotten this great belief from God and it is buried deep in them and cannot be killed.  Those are the kind of people who make other people great, not just good.  They are also the people who are with you through the long haul and won’t desert you when all the others quit believing.  God is always a big dream maker and His plan is always much better than any we could come up with.  But we must believe.  We must also be dream makers for others by encouraging them to greatness and then seeing it through.

My boys know that Dad is on their side, out in front, in the back, or wherever I need to be to keep their dreams going.  They remember that when the going got tough, I was there to help and encourage or sometimes to chastise.  Whatever it took at the time.  They also know that I’m not a dream crusher, I’m a dream maker. That’s how God is to me.  Abba Father is much more than a sweet term to make our heavenly Father a dad.  He really is my dad; my encourager, my dream maker.  He is beside me, in front of me, behind me, or in whatever position it takes to guide.  One thing about a dream maker….you can never get away from what  they have done or what they are doing because they keep you believing.  I can never escape the kind of love my heavenly Father has given to me and I believe as Fathers we should share that same kind of love to our sons and help them dream BIG dreams.  Here’s what can happen when we take to heart the power of God in our lives.

Matthew 13:23″The seed cast on good earth is the person who hears and takes in the News, and then produces a harvest beyond his wildest dreams.”

I believe God can do anything.  Do you!  Congratulations, you must be a dream maker too.

The Pilgrimage continues…. David Warren

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