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Do You Smell to Tell?

dolce and gabbana

2 Corinthians 2:14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. 15 For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing;

I was putting on deodorant this morning and, of course, my Dolce and Gabbana Eau De Toilette and in noticing my deodorant I realized it was odorless.  All it was supposed to do was keep me from stinking.  The Eau De Toilette was put on to put an aroma that emits from me.  Two totally different things, but both dealing with smell.  One is to mask the smell of body odor and the other is to put forth a good smelling fragrance.  In masking the smell of body odor the deodorant actually keeps you dry so you don’t stink so much.  They use names for their products like “cool wave” and “power rush” to put forth the image of strong body odor control.  I have to admit it works well on me and I am a sweating machine.

In the above scripture we see Paul give thanks to God who leads us through the triumph of Christ and gives us the aroma we need to be sweet smelling to whomever we may meet.  That aroma is not intended to keep us from smelling, but it is so overpowering that “stink” is not an issue.  The Penalty of sin is the stink that some worry about and they try to do things to make God seem more prevalent in their lives, but that is not God’s plan.  That is deodorant not Eau De Toilette.  Have you ever felt like you were going through life trying to “measure up” and in doing so realize you are trying to hide your weaknesses but it is to no avail?  That sin stink is a thing of our past, not our present or future.  We are new creatures and the old things (stink) of the past are gone.  We don’t live in that life anymore and since we live in the grace that God gives us we must not let our old life creep in anymore.

We are now living in the Eau De Toilette phase of our life.  Whatever was in our past is no longer a part of our life, but we are made new and our fragrance is sweet and good.  Deodorant is more of a defensive act and cologne is more of an offensive act.  We buy cologne that smells pleasing to us and to all who meet us and the smell precedes us as we meet people.  The sweet smelling fragrance of the Lord in our life goes before us as well, and the impact it has on the saved and the lost is good.  That fragrance encourages the saved toward living more for Christ and convicts and leads the lost toward salvation.

What do you smell like? Who do you smell like?  It should be our desire to smell like Jesus to everyone we meet.  We should “Smell to Tell.”  That fragrance of hope and salvation is a welcome fragrance that will draw others to want the same.  The singer Carman had a song he called “Some O Dat.”  The song tells the tale of people wanting Some O Dat, but they need to realize it comes from Jesus and a relationship with Jesus.  Here are the lyrics to Some O Dat as listed below.

Well I got this friend named T.J. Clyde Who sees this strength of God inside So he says to me, “Hey, I want Some-O-Dat”

I say Clyde it’s easy as one, two, three You just say this simple prayer with me He said, “Not me Bubba, but I still want Some-O-Dat”

OOh Some-O-Dat

Well I was sharing with this sales man Lyle So he says with a million dollar smile “Why that’s interesting you know. Hey I’d like Some-O-Dat.”

I said “Lyle you’re gonna have to humble your pride and ask the Lord to come inside.”

He said, “No-ho-ho-ho, but I still want Some-O-Dat.”

Ooh Some-O-Dat

Well you can’t find it In astrology That horoscope that you read is just a waste You can’t find it looking at the stars Jupiter, the moon and Mars. Cause you’ll soon find that all you got was space.

Well my best friends Ray has got this niece That sees within my eyes this peace And yesterday she said “I want Some-O-Dat”

Well I said “Hey Sugar, Now it’s a breeze Just talk with Jesus on your knees She said, “I’m not the type but I still want Some-O-Dat”

Ooh they all want Some-O-Dat

Brother you can’t find it In a bottle Or even when you pop a pill or two You can’t find it smoking dope or weed Cause one fine day you’re gonna see That the dope that’s being smoked my friend is you

Well if you’re depressed Then get used to it Cause without Jesus You have blew it He’s the only one who can give you Some-O-Dat

Why not try the Lord for goodness sake You’ll be happy as a dog with a T-bone steak Then you can say “HEY, I got Some-O-Dat

When you got Some-O-Dat you have a sweet smell that is unmistakable and good.  Make a commitment today to Smell to Tell.  A lost and dying world is living in a stinking condition and they need the salvation that only Jesus can give to freshen up their life.  SMELL TO TELL

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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