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building the house…match the bricks!

After much discussion on the phone, and some red faces, the brick was taken back down and the next day they started again with the right brick. No matter how much work had been put into the bricklaying, the fact that the brick didn’t match nullified the whole thing.

In 1 Peter 2, Peter says to rid ourselves of the many different things that look normal on those who don’t know Christ. He then says to long for spiritual milk, or nourishment, so that we will grow in the godliness we received through the Holy Spirit when we accepted the Lord. He continues to tell us how this is possible by explaining that Christ is the cornerstone of the “living stones” and that we are all living stones also. As living stones we are joined with Him, the living cornerstone, to build that spiritual house. That way when people look at our house the bricks match! No mistakes, no teardown and no redo. MATCH! He also quotes a promise in scripture from Psalm 118:22 that shows that people will miss this until they realize how precious this stone, Christ, is.

We are all building something — it may be a reputation, a lifestyle, a witness, or whatever. We need to remember to build it right from the foundation up. The house that is built will be right if we build it according to the plans set before us through God’s Word. That way when people look at our lives, they will not be looking at two different bricks, two different styles. There is only one acceptable style and it is God’s style. Long for that style and let God build your house to glorify Him. Believe or not, that house will sell to those looking for a good house investment. Why? Because there is no depreciation on the worth of what was done to build that house. Think about it…and live it. It’s worth it.

The Pilgrimage continues…. David Warren

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