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You Can Handle the Truth

“Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  The old saying that has been recited as a fail-safe reply against getting riled when someone puts you down.  It’s our attempt to deal with words.  We live in a world of words.  Words, truthful and untruthful, are thrown around like dust in the wind.  Like dust, the words we say pick up a breeze and travel from place to place gathering more and more body until they become like stones that are ready to be tossed at whoever gets in the way.  An old Spanish Proverb says, “a word from the mouth is like a stone from a sling.”  Those very small words at the beginning seem so innocent, but soon innocence is lost as they are fertilized with our own desires and impressions.  They grow into either great encouragements or discouragements for all who use them.  In our modern day language we have even been able to take what amounts to bad words and make them seem good so we don’t have to give off the impression we are doing anything wrong.  The words still put down the other person and lift us up, even though we were in the wrong.  It’s called passive aggressive.  The use of words has become an art to many and can call people to arms or cause peace to come upon a seemingly aggressive situation.  The moment they leave our mouth and hit someone’s ear, words make an impact. Words have a high priority to God and His Perfect Words are vital to us.  That’s why we should never attempt to water down God’s Word, but speak it for what it is.  God’s Truth.  The full effect of God’s Word cannot be made a passive aggressive hint as to what God is saying about life and it’s practices.  We should take His word and allow it the breadth it desires when speaking to our heart, as well as, other’s hearts.  Every time I hear someone say,”just tell me the truth, I can take it”  I get a amused because usually they really can’t take it.  The truth that is!  A famous quote by Jack Nicholson who played Jessep in the movie A Few Good Men says a lot.  After Tom Cruise’s character yelled “I want the truth” Jessep answered, “You can’t handle the truth.”  In reality, most of us think we can’t handle the truth….the real unfiltered truth  from God’s Word.  But whether we think we can handle it or not, we need it.  We need the full effect of pure truth and not the passive aggressive type truth that is filtered by man’s impressions.  In face, watered down truth really isn’t truth at all.

So, Stick and Stones may break our bones, but……words with substance and purity are going to hurt some too.  It’s a good hurt because it stops us from going the wrong way and gets us back on track.  It also take the good strides we are taking in our relationship with God and helps us stay aligned with Him.   Words do make an impact, so make sure that whatever you say out loud is prompted by the God who gives us His Words for use in every situation.  In James it says that the tongue is a very small part of the body, but it’s affect is very powerful.  God’s Word was handed down to us through prophets He empowered to share His pure truth.  Now we are His mouthpieces for sharing that same truth.  Let us make sure that we don’t marginalize any of His Word so that the impact it would make is compromised.  If you really believe God’s Word is pure and real, then share it wisely and let His Will be done.  Seek the Spiritual Truth from God and then live it and share it. Don’t follow words that are soiled by the world’s impressions of truth.    Paul told this great truth to Timothy in 2 Tim. 2:15 where he said, “Do your best to present to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”  It may be tough, but remember, with the Holy Spirit in our lives, we CAN handle the Truth.  Just let the real truth from God’s Word be the truth you handle.

The pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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