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What Do You Value and Why?

I am going to write about a very tough subject today, but I believe that I have to speak up for life.  Real Life!  I went to the October Baby Movie Website the other day and listened to the testimonies of those involved in the movie and it really brought to mind the value of life….One statement they emphasized again and again was “Every Life is Important.”  Of course, we know all the arguments in our society about the subject of abortion and how it impacts elections, jobs, medical care, religion, and also Christianity.  All of that only distracts us from the real issue….What is the value of a life? 

Let’s look at it from God’s perspective.  In Psalm 139, which is the battle cry for Christians when it comes to life and the importance of it, the writer was calling out to God in such a way as to say, “God you know me.”  Why is that significant?  Because God made us.  God is the creator of life, so He knows every life and protects and leads every life that will follow.  His plans for each of us give us a value that is beyond comparison and the very essence of who we are is found in God our creator.  He breathes life into us.  In the past few months we have celebrated the birth of two more grandchildren, Vera Holland and Graham Tyler, and their introduction into this world has been filled with love and prayers.  Why?  Because we know God gave them life and their life is precious to God and to everyone they meet.  They don’t have to say a word, but just make a noise, and we all do back flips.  Deep inside we know this life is precious and it would be selfish of us to not give them every opportunity to be all God wants them to be.  Their life…..every life is important.  They have value.

So why do we even hint that abortion might be ok?  Why does our society aggressively treat life like a commodity?  Because it is not looking at it from God’s perspective.  I guess you could say the world has devalued life at it’s core.  The world will continue to push this at the extremes from conception to old age and then over a period of time the two ends will meet in the middle and all life will have to meet a certain criteria to be important.  We already see hints of this through religious terrorism that is becoming more accepted each day.  Once again, this is not being done from God’s perspective, but from the world’s.  It comes from a selfish heart that has pushed God aside and only thinks about itself.

If someone else happened to look into this future of yours and see that this child would find the cure, the information would be leaked, and those in high places would do everything they could to help you raise this child, protect this child, value this child, and make sure this child values human life to stimulate the emotion it takes to come up with the cure.  The government would put guards at your house, make sure your schools were the best they could be, keep crime in your area to a minimum, and preach valuing life to all who can hear.  Everything would change.  Why?  Selfishness!!!  The point is, if we truly value life, we will protect it.  We don’t know what the future will hold for the next baby that is “allowed” to be born, but God says, “I made them.”  So they must be worth SOMETHING!

As Christians, we should know this stuff!!  Think about it!  The next baby born might not have the cure for cancer, but they all have a cure if they grow under the teaching of God’s Word and the opportunity to hear of “true life” in Christ.  What cure am I talking about?  The cure for the penalty of sin.  If we as parents and those who teach children will teach them, protect them, lead them, and explain to them about eternal life, “real life,” then they will go throughout their world reaching it for Christ.  Sometimes I wonder who is more guilty, those who abort physically or those who abort spiritually.  The point is…..don’t abort, or stop God’s process of allowing someone to be born and then born again.  Life is of great value.   The life of God’s Son, Jesus Christ was given to make sure the value has purpose and hope.  It’s up to us as earth dwellers to protect the life of everyone, and it’s up to us as Christians to  protect the legacy of the saved FOR everyone.  Remember, God created you and you have great value.

Matthew 13:45-46  Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it.

What do you value?  I value the life, because God values life. Surrender all we are to Him who gave all He had.

The Pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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