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The Spirit is Alive!!


The Holy Spirit that Jesus told his disciples would come to help us live our lives and do even more than He had done to that point is alive in those who have received Jesus.  Since the Holy Spirit is alive in each believer, each believer has a longing to serve God and that longing comes from the Holy Spirit living in each believer.  Then why don’t we see more people serving the Lord and stepping up and doing ministry?  The will of each person is involved in this process and the will many times will overrule the Holy Spirit’s desires.  This causes a “falling away” that many of you have experienced in your walk with God.  It is very important for each of us to recognize the power of our will in all things.  The will is in our soul and at the very center of each person, there is either a battle or peace.  The battle comes from our soul trying to dominate the Spirit and the spirit is under its influence.  This makes the spirit unclean and not in line with God, so the soul has to be controlled and not allowed to drift further away from the spirit, but closer.   The spirit and soul should take action together and that togetherness draws the believer into a deeper walk with God and thus more productive in their life.  This action causes a growth in the believer and starts a process of spiritual growth that grows them in their relationship with God.  The end result of the soul distancing itself from the spirit is best seen in these characteristics: doubting God, living without hope, drifting on the sea of indifference and apathy, constant unhappiness, no joy, and many other things.  The end result of the soul and spirit working together are a desire for God, an ever-increasing trust in spiritual things, hope beyond measure, a closer walk with God, a peace that passes all understanding, a desire to share your faith, and many other things.  I guess you will have to choose which life you want.  I believe God’s choice is for you to live a life where your soul is in line with the Spirit and all of the good results kick in.  You may ask “how can this take place?”  There has to be a “turning around” or “repentance’ to yield your soul to the Spirit.  It doesn’t mean you are saved again, but you are renewed by the soul lining up with the spirit.  The term Christians use from time to time is “rededication.”  We consciously yield our life to follow the Spirit and thus allow total control of our soul to the Lord.  We are back on the straight and narrow and it feels right because of our initial step of regeneration.  Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 5:17  Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.  The new Spirit-filled life is totally accessible to all who receive Jesus, but many miss it because they are not led to believe in that kind of living and just go about without God’s purpose or Spirit leading them.  TRAGIC!!

Time to change and turn and around and get in line with God and see what He can do in your life.   The Spirit is Alive.  Is He alive in your life?  He wants to be!!!

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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