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The Road to Recovery

Recovery – Return to a normal state of mind, health, and strength

The Road to Recovery is a road of redemption where those who know Christ can come and  experience forgiveness and mercy.  This road is paved with the blood of Jesus and made possible by the grace and mercy of God.  Recovery is needed by those who have been living in Squander far too long and want to make a radical change in their attitude and life purpose.  Recovery is a wonderful thing, yet also sometimes painful when sacrifices have to be made.  Here are some helps for those desiring a new start with the Lord.  These are things that will help lead you back to recovery, and this road is full of helpful tips to get back on track spiritually.  Some of these tips will be radical for a traditional person’s thinking and must be looked at through eyes of discernment for those who are wanting to break free from a life of apathy and squander.  I pray that God will lead you individually as you approach this life of recovery. I also pray for you as begin walking on this road, knowing that the rest will fall into place. 

The last thing that will take place is we will realize what it means to be “sent.”  To be sent means to know where you are going and why you are going there.  Jesus sent the disciples out and gave them instructions and destination points and He does the very same thing with us.  He will send you to your home ready to lead out, to your work ready to win others, to your church ready for revival and service, and to your world ready to do whatever it takes to serve Him.  We like to use the word GO when we talk about the sent.  We are to GO, and GO for God.  Now keep in mind, you don’t have to go to church to GO!  In fact, your church attendance will be different after you start going when you aren’t in church. This is where we have the church thing messed up when we start saying that the church is the sending station.  I believe Jesus is the sending station and some will do it through the church and some will do it “as the church.”  Whichever works best for God’s Will in your life is the one that you should choose.  A church can hold you back by never using you, but God will never hold you back individually.  Does that make sense?  I hope so!!   The sent in Jesus’ day went to houses and synagogues, but one thing was for sure…they went somewhere.  And we should to!!!

Recovery is a great thing and The Road to Recovery is much better than The Road to Squander.  Once we realize that recovery is possible it seems to cause us to want to move to that new town.  The “want to” in that sentence is because that is where God is and that is where we should be.  In Romans 11 Paul is writing about the Jews and their lack of receiving the Messiah.  In writing he affirms that they too have the opportunity to receive Jesus, but they must have a change of heart and a change of mind.  He says they are self interested and thick skinned toward God.  In verse 12 he says, “Now if their leaving triggered this worldwide coming of non-Jewish outsiders to God’s kingdom, just imagine the effect of their coming back!!  What a homecoming!” The church has seen many people just quit because there doesn’t seem to be much life in it.  Many people have drifted away from the local church and have quit attending at all.  What if in this recovery process, the church would revive, how much more would it draw those people who are seeking to get right.  Oh, what a homecoming.  Now’s that a recovery I would like to be a part of and that is the reason for this blog.  Just thought you might want to know that.  Get on the right road and see what God will do when that road leads to Him.

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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