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The Lost Shall Be Saved…And Then Get Lost Again

We use the lost and saved words a lot as believers because they are used quite frequently in the Bible.  Today we either just exist in a world of non commitment or we set the tone for living a vibrant, I said VIBRANT, life of commitment that is the result of a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  There are a lot of saved Christians who are lost today.  How do I mean lost?  We can’t find them!!  They totally resist and refuse to meet together in purpose and power in a church setting and show they are really LOST!!  HOW?

They are lost to the cause of Christ and the mission Jesus left for each of us.  They are lost to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit when two or more are gathered together in the name of Jesus.(Matthew 18:20 For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” They are lost to the intimate relationship with Jesus through prayer and fasting.  They are lost to a life of purpose and meaning that is only found when serving Jesus.  They are lost to the glow of the light in their lives that is a reflection of the light of Jesus.  They are lost…  It would stand to reason that in their present condition they may be lost and separated from God, which means hell is their future location, and NOT heaven!!  If you want to freak out some Christian folk then tell them they may NOT be going to heaven when they die.  I’m not the judge here, but excuses and innuendos don’t get you to heaven.  Only a person who has repented of their sins, given their life to Christ, and believed by faith and accepted Jesus will be going to heaven.  All others are going to HELL.  That’s a tough call, but a call that was made long ago by our heavenly Father when He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for you and me.  

Here is the result of someone doing what I mentioned earlier when you come to Jesus for  salvation.   

1. You don’t make excuses for not assembling together as believers.  You want to fellowship and serve with others of like faith for the Lord.  Why?  Because that’s what Jesus wants and He is now in control.  

2. You will do everything you can to make reading God’s Word a priority in your daily schedule.  And not just reading it, but studying it.  

3. You won’t commit to some work for the Lord and then fall away from your commitment because it’s tough on your time schedule.  You are a finisher!!!

4.  You won’t hide your gifts and talents from God so He cannot use them for His glory.

5.  You won’t sit around on the sideline waiting for someone else to take a stand for Jesus. You take the stand and never look back.

Famous line from a Batman movie.  When asked why he was taking stand against crime in their city Batman says, “It’s what I do!”  When you take a stand for Christ… a REAL stand for Christ, people will look at  you and say, “Why are you so passionate about Jesus?”  To which you will say, “It’s who I am!”  Notice the difference in the Batman statement and the Christian statement?  We don’t serve Christ because it is “what I do.”  We serve Christ because it is “who I am.”

Well, here’s the Jesus symbol being shined in the dark night sky.  We need our Savior to come and wake up His children and awaken the passionate hearts of His people to once again be “His people.”  How does this look?  Those who accepted Jesus, but have put Him in  the background of their lives have lost their way and now it is time to come back to Jesus afresh and anew.   Time to throw off the things in life that have caused them to get lost and “find” themselves back in fellowship with God.  This is not about heaven and hell.  It is about EARTH and LIVING.  Whatever got you on the wrong track will need to be flushed out of your life and switch tracks…..NOW!!!   Come back to your Savior.  Come back to your Father.  JUST COME BACK!!!

The  Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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