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Relieve the Pressure Lord!!

The relief valve (RV) is a type of valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system or vessel which can build up by a process upset, instrument or equipment failure, or fire.

The pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurised fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits. When the set pressure is exceeded, the relief valve becomes the “path of least resistance” as the valve is forced open and a portion of the fluid is diverted through the auxiliary route. The diverted fluid (liquid, gas or liquid–gas mixture) is usually routed through a piping system known as a flare header or relief header to a central, elevated gas flare where it is usually burned and the resulting combustion gases are released to the atmosphere.[1] As the fluid is diverted, the pressure inside the vessel will drop. Once it reaches the valve’s reseating pressure, the valve will close. The blowdown is usually stated as a percentage of set pressure and refers to how much the pressure needs to drop before the valve reseats

Alll of us have to deal with pressure.  Life is filled with pressure.  Whether we are Christian or non-Christian, pressure is a reality.  The difference in life is how we deal with pressure and how we continue to live with the pressure, even when it increases.  The Apostle Paul is a great example of dealing with pressure and at the church in Corinth he speaks of the greatness of the pressure he was dealing with and he gives a great perspective in how to deal with it in the midst of dealing with it.  In 2 Corinthians 4:8 Paul gives some great insight into how he was dealing with the pressures he was facing.  8 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; You can read this and think, “How does this help me?”  Or you can read this and think…..Yeah, that’s it.  I have a very close friend in the ministry who has gone through terrible trials and unjustified troubles, and all in the midst of serving our Lord.  He has been wounded and then stepped on by the very people he called close friends and it has left a huge scar on his heart, but he continues on.  How?  By the grace of God.  Remember, we don’t only live in the grace of God, we live as a result of it.  This is God’s pressure relief valve for those who follow Him.  When the pressure gets to be too much, He relieves that pressure by giving us more grace.  Grace= relief.  It’s amazing how easily we forget that we are fallen individuals who, but by the grace of God, have life itself.  The very things that cause pressure turn us to God and cause us to experience His Love in a more excellent way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to God, “I need more pressure to make me experience You more fully Lord.”  But I am saying that in the middle of the pressurized things of life, He is right there relieving that pressure.  God is our pressure relief valve and He knows just when we need to have the pressure lifted because He is growing us every step of the way to be more like Him.  This shows that God is intricately involved in the  details of our lives and knows and sees what is best for each of us.  We can’t see it.  But He can.  You may ask, “How does this help me get through the pressure of life?”  Looking at it from God’s perspective will help us handle those things as He gives us strength and relieves the pressure at just the right moment.  We see things dimly, but He brings it all into focus when we trust Him and His Word.

Remember, we are sinners saved by that grace and God is helping us in the midst of our struggles as sinners.  The pressure comes from our not trusting Him enough.  The pressure is relieved when we know God is out for our good, not our bad.  He is there all the time giving us strength and reminding us to not rely on our own strength.  When we mess up, God is very patient and continues to direct our path and give us hope and encouragement.  The following story illustrates God’s great love and patience with us.

Years ago, my father coached a team of eight-year-olds. He had a few excellent players, and some who just couldn’t get the hang of the game. Dad’s team didn’t win once all season. But in the last inning of the last game, his team was only down by a run. There was one boy who had never been able to hit the ball–or catch it. With two outs, it was his turn to bat. He surprised the world and got a single! The next batter was the team slugger. Finally, Dad’s players might win a game. The slugger connected, and as the boy who hit the single ran to second, he saw the ball coming toward him. Not so certain of baseball’s rules, he caught it. Final out! Dad’s team lost! Quickly, my father told his team to cheer. The boy beamed. It never occurred to him that he lost the game. All he knew was he had hit the ball and caught it–both for the first time. His parents later thanked my dad. Their child had never even gotten in a game before that season. We never told the boy exactly what happened. We didn’t want to ruin it for him. And till this day, I’m proud of what my father did that afternoon. To my friend who has been “beat up” I continue to pray for God to relieve the pressure he must feel and not give up.  I also pray for healing and a fresh dose of God’s grace in the midst of his struggle and I pray that for you as well. When you pray, “relieve the pressure Lord.”  God turns the valve so you can continue on renewed and invigorated.  Thank  you Lord.  We must  all remember that God is the one who lets us be in the game and encourages us when we realize accomplishment, even though it may not be much.  Now that is Abba Father for sure. The Pilgrimage continues….. David Warre

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