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Joined at Birth – The Concept of Spiritual Twins

I am always amazed at the connection between twins.  Twins have the uncanny ability to sense what each other are thinking and many times they choose the very same thing without being prompted.  The connection they have from conception is amazing and that process doesn’t’ stop with birth.  This “freaky” way of knowing the other person doesn’t even have to be fostered by them living in the same house or being in the same location.  It just happens.  Finishing each others sentences, picking the same food from a menu, and many other things further support….THEY HAVE A CONNECTION!!

Jesus took this one step further for believers in that He gave us many common things that show we are connected as well.   We love to worship Him.  His Word is vital to our growth.  We strive to see the good win.  We like chicken…(oh wait a minute, I think that is reserved for preachers…moving on)  We desire close fellowship with other believers.  Like the Allstate Commercial  “It’s like we’re connected.”  Of course, the world would discount this by saying, “No you’re not!”  But, we are!!!  You can take this connection to it’s highest caliber by applying this to married couples.  You know, the two shall become one!  What do you think that means?  It’s a connection made by God for all believers and then to it’s highest level for believing married couples.  That connection causes a great outpouring of empathy for those  who are struggling and a “pick you up” for those who need  a word of encouragement.  It puts self on the back burner and feels the pain and hurt of the one they love.  Of course, you might say, “With a love like that there would never be anymore divorces!”  You’re right!!

Of the church, you might say, “If we just loved each other more like that, the connection would be so strong “the gates of hell wouldn’t defeat it!”  You’re right!!  To quote a great theologian, “So, what’s the problem?”

The problem could be we are connected in the wrong way.  In other words, we are all following Jesus in sections.  What I mean by that is, we are individually connected, but our connection has no “group power.”  Do you remember the Power Rangers?  It was a great show for kids (and adults like me) and each week it  would show them fighting evil droids and robots from other worlds separately.  They would win a battle or two, but almost lose the war when suddenly…..They would all get together and form one Mega Power Ranger.  Then they would easily defeat the foe for good.  Separately they had great strength, but together they had AWESOME STRENGTH!  They were not as powerful as they could be until they were connected.  Sometimes we see some partial connections and it is encouraging and we suddenly start thinking, “It’s like we’re connected.”  To a certain extent we are, but not enough.   This connection is one that causes us to pray for each other for greatness.  This connection is one that causes us to take time out of our day to listen to each other.  This connection is one that causes us to encourage one another to greatness.  This connection is exactly like the connection we have with God.  Think of it this way.  Our vertical connection with God establishes a horizontal connection with others.  As long as the vertical connection is good, the horizontal one will be good too.  If the vertical connection is messed up, the horizontal will be the same.

That is the concept of Spiritual Twins.  This doesn’t just happen though.  It is something generated by God and inherited from Jesus when He takes control of our lives.  In Matthew 9:36 it says, “Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd.”  Somewhere along the line you are going to be the weak sheep, and somewhere along the line you are going to be the strong sheep.  Wherever you are in the connection, do what you can to minister and “feel” others pain and hurt and encourage them.  Don’t worry.  You’ll get your encouragement too.

Once upon a time a farmer owned an old mule who tripped and fell into the farmer’s well. The farmer heard the mule ‘braying’ and was unable to figure out how to bring up the old animal. It grieved him that he could not pull the animal out – he’d been a good worker around the farm – and though the farmer sympathized with the mule, he called his neighbors together and told them what had happened…and had them help haul dirt to bury the old mule in the well and quietly put him out of his misery. At first, the old mule was puzzled, but as the 

farmer and his neighbors continued shoveling and the dirt hit his back, he had a thought. He ought to shake off the dirt and step up. And he did just that. “Shake it off and step up…shake it off and step up…shake it off and step up!” Even though he took painful blows of dirt, and fought panic, he just kept right on SHAKING IT OFF AND STEPPING UP! It wasn’t long before the old mule, stepped up and over the lip of that well. What could have buried him, actually blessed him…all because of the manner in which he handled his adversity. 

Don’t get  buried in your own  pity if you aren’t being encouraged.  Shake it off and step up. Keep in mind that even if others don’t seem to try to feel your pain, don’t despair.  Keep doing the right things to others and you will have your day.  You don’t sympathize with someone to get sympathy.  You sympathize with others because that part of Christ is coming out in you.  Use those experiences to help you step out of the barriers others may put in your path to keep you from making those needed connections.  Then you will truly understand The Concept of Spiritual Twins.  Now that is what I call “A Church!”

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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