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Gold Versus Faith

I was watching the commercial where William Devane is on his horse out on his (supposed) ranch and he is talking about our economy going south.  He states that we need to be investing in gold because it has never gone down in value.  He gives the impression that when everything falls apart, gold will stand.  In our present American world structure that could be true and if you are going to rely on something for wealth, I guess gold would be your best bet.  If that’s what you are relying on.  The only problem is all of that is still only temporal and when the Lord comes it won’t mean ANYTHING.  Don’t get me wrong, I could use some more money and if that’s what God sees fit to give me, I will take it.  But my life is not built on how much money or position I have right now.  If it was built on that then my outlook on the future would be seasoned with things like having the largest house, or the most expensive car, or the richest friends, or the top position at my company.  That is a foundation that will fail every time in the process of real life.  The foundation has been compromised by allowing our own desires to distract us from the real source of hope and happiness.  We allow the lack of vibrancy in the evangelical churches in our area to compromise and dowse the fire that burns in all believers who know Jesus.  Our hearing becomes deaf to God trying to turn us around and turn to him.  Our eyes begin to see people in a new way; judgmental and harsh.  The soft, compassionate heart that used to be a result of a person who follows Christ, becomes hard and indifferent to the world around them.  Our ears start to filter out the call of God to change and lets other things take the place of God’s Call.  Our mouth starts to spout hatefulness and hurt and cause people all around us to avoid us.  Our hands quit serving and start pulling everything we have back to us and we take no opportunity to help others.  Our feet quit running to Godliness and start running to the temporal things of life.  This is what happens when we take our eyes off of Christ and start trusting ourselves for hope.  We begin to think that we can make it without God and if we will just work a little harder everything will be fine.  That’s a lie!!  Where is the person who says, “I am nothing without Christ?”  Where is the repentant heart that accepts instruction and correction from God?   Where is that welcoming heart that quickly responds to the Holy Spirit’s leading?

In 1 Peter 1:1-7 Peter shares that we are blessed to have this salvation we live in and that God’s eyes are on us to keep us obedient.   He individually cares for each of us and offers His peace and direction.  He says, “may everything good from God be yours.”  Peter also helps bring everything into focus when he says that  we have so much good to look forward to in the future, and that future begins now.  Our looking to the coming King is not something that exists in the future, but Peter says, “it begins now!”  Peter assures that what we are looking for here on earth will come some day in heaven.  That is our hope and assurance.  William Devane says that monetary wealth that is built on gold will always stand, but he is sadly wrong.  It will also fade away and lose it’s value.  In a common sense argument we need to keep in mind that gold is a rock.  A pretty rock, but just a rock.  It has value because a majority of people who value wealth have given it value.   That can all fall apart in a moment.  Just ask me and all who lost thousands of dollars on property that was worth one thing one day and worth something much less the next day.

That’s why our foundation in life must be built on the eternal things because the temporal things are just that, temporary.  Peter shares that pure gold when refined by the fire of suffering brings forth a pure and genuine faith.  A genuine faith is one that is built on the promises of God and hope of eternal life in heaven.  Peter is quick to say it’s not literally gold we are relying on though, it is an illustration that uses gold to emphasize the point.  He says that it is our faith, not our gold that Jesus will have as evidence of who we are and what we have done.  Let your faith shine as gold, but don’t let your faith be built on gold. The result of that faith will be victory!!   That victory begins today, not tomorrow.  We are to live in victory and our faith will enable us to do just that. When choosing what to build your life on don’t choose gold, choose faith.  Hebrews 11:6 says, “without faith it is impossible to please God.”  If you know Christ, it is your desire to please God.  Your faith is all it takes and that is a foundation you can build  your life on.   The news is out: FAITH WINS!!!

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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