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Dreams of the Last Days


Where have all the dreamers gone?  Better yet. Where have all the dreams gone?  There was a time in our country where dreamers lived and made those dreams come true.  Things like the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and many other feats of construction started as a dream.  Those dreams became a reality and the rest is history.  Joseph became a famous leader in Eqypt because he could interpret dreams.  But remember, there had to be a dream to interpret.  We are so far from dreaming that we don’t even contrive any reason to dream or worry about interpretations.

I saw New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees break the all-time passing record this past Monday and it stirred my heart to see him reach down and tell his boys, “You can accomplish anything in life if you’re willing to work for it!”  Great words for his sons and for all who dream dreams.  Sometimes we dream fanciful dreams that are driven by more than reality or hard work and they are called Pipe Dreams.   These are good examples of dreams and yes, hard work does accomplish much, but these are not the dreams that scripture talks about in Acts 2:17.  ‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy.  Your young men will see visions,  and your old men will dream dreams. The dreams as mentioned in Acts are more centered around end times events as foretold in the prophecy of Joel.  Joel 2:28 does not have “in the last days” but that was divinely added by Peter as he preached in the Spirit.

What does it mean for God to “pour out His Spirit?”  I believe it means there will be a great movement of God’s Spirit among His people and it will be a point of unity and division.  It will be unity for those who are anticipating God doing a miraculous work in our world through His church.  It will be a point of division for those who don’t truly believe God moves anymore.  The significance of the young and the old differential is to show that old men will dream and have a renewed hope and passion for God again and will once again believe in a fresh new work of the Lord.  These dreams will take these “old” men out of the lethargy and comfort that their years of living have lulled them into and cause them to experience revival in their souls.   The young men, on the other hand, will pick up the faith of their forefathers and have a vision for God doing extraordinary things and once again count the teachings of God’s Word as fresh and relevant.   Whatever happens will be Holy Spirit led and not of our own doing.  Oh, how I long for the day when the church will rise as never before and once again show the vibrancy of the message of the Gospel!!  Woh…that sounds like a dream.  I must be with the old guys and that is ok.

I hope you live your life in expectancy and still dream and expect visions from God and that you keep your horizons clear for a movement of God.  Don’t treat God’s Word like a history lesson, but let it come alive in your life and see what happens.  Jesus is the Word of God, so trust Him and see how that works out for you.  I know something great is coming because I have been on the evil one’s radar and he has tried to defeat me at every turn, but God is faithful and I give glory to His name.  Join me in praying for a mighty movement of God through His children and then “hang on!”

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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