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Don't Get Distracted!!

If you have ever seen the animated movie Up, you will remember the dog that is supposed to be following the old man and the kid say "I will go with you and "squirrel." This dog does what dogs do when it comes to priority. He gets distracted from following them when he sees a squirrel and that gets him off task. Distractions are all over the place in our excessive information world. Sometimes these distractions can happen when we least expect them. Look at how Jesus tried to help Martha when her mind was not on the most important things. Luke 10:41 But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! 42 There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Martha definitely had the gift of service, but that gift left uncontrolled was going to keep her from something much more important....Jesus. In fact, Martha thought Mary was dropping the ball when it comes to serving because her main focus was the food and serving. Jesus drops a ball of truth on her and calls her to look at the most important thing and that is spending time with him. Have you ever been explaining something to a person and they can't take their eyes off a spot on your shirt and they miss the whole thing? That was Martha and Jesus tried to help her get her focus where it needed to be.

We all get distracted. I really believe I have lived with ADD all of my life and not realized it. I am the poster adult for Attention Deficit Disorder and it is frustrating at times. I can be talking on the phone and someone else try to talk to me and I am lost in the middle somewhere. Maybe that is where you are "in the middle." If you are, then take the advice of our Savior and get focused on the important things and let that meal prep or other things be put on hold. Those who are heavily into wanting to do something that is not the highest priority will even tell themselves they are lazy if they don't do it right then. But they aren't! They are not even procrastinating!! All they are doing is prioritizing the wrong things and missing the best thing, and needing to relax.

So take the pressure off and "chill out" and let life flow instead of trying to fight it all the time to make yourself feel better because you are obsessed with the wrong things. Just relax in the arms of Jesus and let His time of growing you in the faith be the main priority, without distractions. As an ADD problem adult I believe I can overcome my lack of not being able to focus when I focus on Jesus and sit back and let Him teach me. Life is too short to miss the good parts and resting in Jesus is the good, so choose Him and let Him control your focus on the best things..

The Pilgrimage continues.....

David Warren

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