custom connection…

This unity is not a secret club for those who “have it” or an exclusive group that knows the right things to say or do. This unity happens because of a very custom-made connection. That custom connection was made on the cross by Christ. We are all drawn to each other by that cross. The “drawing” together is the drawing made possible only by the Holy Spirit. The result of that connection is UNITY! Unity is contagious!

All believers are looking for a place to make this custom connection and when they see it, they are drawn to it. It is their light in the tunnel that illuminates the pathway to living for Christ and makes it even brighter. The connection makes us stronger, bolder, more loving, and more connected with each other. This custom connection takes the new life we individually received from Christ and joins it with others who have the same thing. It makes us the church and makes us useable. We all want to be useable.

Where are you in the connection? You have the capacity to make a stronger connection a reality by living your witness for Christ — the witness that shows who He is and what He can do in a person’s life when they totally believe. You are a conduit, not a restrictor. In the case of our worship team, I believe we have mostly conduits who let Christ’s love pass through them. To those who are restrictors, I say, “Let go and let God!” Letting go means living for God alone, and letting the sacrifice He made for you be seen by how you worship and how you lead worship.

As we concentrate on the sacrifice and victory of Easter, may each of us be seen as those who are connected to the cross as we take up our crosses daily and follow Jesus. He is the power source and the designer of our custom connection.

The Pilgrimage continues… David Warren

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