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Bourne Again

In the series of movies about the life of Jason Bourne it features the life of one professional government hit man who wants to get out of the killing business.  In an attempt to do a hit on a government target he freezes and doesn’t kill his mark.  As he is leaving the boat the guy shoots him twice in the back and he wakes up on a fishing boat with his life, but without his memory.  In the first movie of the set he goes through one flashback after another trying to put the pieces of his former life back together.  He discovers he has a finely tuned body and mind, and finds himself responding to trouble with precision and accuracy.  Whether it be moving into position for a fight, or scoping a room to see how each person is equipped, his senses are off the chart.  He also finds out he knows many different languages and has many different identities to complement his black ops lifestyle.  Eventually he finds out who he is and what he has been doing the past few years and comes to grips with how to handle all this information. Exciting, intriguing, and possible.

This story really parallels many who are Christians.  A person accepts Christ and is immediately equipped through the power of the Holy Spirit with great abilities they didn’t have before.  The ability to understand situations and how to work them out.  The ability to find direction and purpose when others can’t.  The ability to forgive.  The ability to take on characteristics of a loving God.  A person who is born again immediately has the capability  to become a game changer, when before they were just wandering around.  But for some reason they lose memory of who they are and whose they are.  They don’t sharpen the skills given to them and they are put on a shelf.  They even forget who gave them the ability to do great and mighty things.  Many Christians have forgotten their first love and now they don’t even know if they want to live that life anymore.  What needs to happen?

You need to do a self discovery and recapture that which you have forgotten.  You need to remember your Identity and allow Christ to be real to you again.   You need a touch from the Master’s Hand.  That touch or tap on the shoulder will refocus you on what is the most important thing, your mission in life.  Hebrews 12:2 says to “fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.”  He is the one giving our mission orders and He will be the only one who can get you back on track.  Let Him shock you back into reality by asking Him to restore the joy of your salvation and restore your memory of who you are in Him.

The Pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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