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What’s a new song?

In leading worship at different places for different people I have noticed that certain worship songs are known by many and some songs are only known by a few. I will get before a group that is not used to my worship leading and I will start singing a song that is well known by our church, but the confused look and non-singing shows me those people haven’t heard that song. Of course, my heart’s desire is that all would lift up their voices to the Lord, but they do that easier if they are familiar with the song I am leading. Some songs are easy to learn and the chorus repeats and it makes the song one that everyone can sing. Some songs are very difficult to learn and they usually remain a solo piece or one that a small ensemble group can sing as special music. The main thing is that we lift up His name and focus on Him and not ourselves.

In so many ways, it’s not the song title, but the stirring of a heart drawn to God that causes a song to come alive as God’s people lift their thanks and worship to Him. The Holy Spirit makes that song an instrument of praise that God can use to exalt Him. The age of a song is only when it was written, not when and only when God can use it. Songs are timeless, much like God who stirred the hearts of men and women to write them. Psalm 98 says, “Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things, his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him.” The songs of the saints are songs that are expressions of our great love for God, in light of His great love for us. The new song is the constant refreshed attitude that makes every moment something to be lived to the fullest. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest greatest, or the goldest oldest. What does matter is who you are when you are singing it.

A life that God changes is a life that is in a process of growth. That growth is full of constant fresh responses to God and His wonderful grace and mercy. That generates something in us that makes every song we sing a new song. When we worship with hearts that are changed by Him, the end result is acceptable worship that goes well beyond song age and makes every song NEW! We will still have our likes and our dislikes, but a true worshipper doesn’t dwell on those things as much as he or she dwells on the Lord who gives the song.

Sing a new song this week as we sing songs you have sung before again and again. The songs will no longer be just familiar, they will be new.

Worship Him and Him alone,

David Warren

Worship Pastor

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