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Time Lapse Photography

I’m sure you have seen time lapse photo.  It’s where a camera is set up at a specific site and takes pics every few minutes to show the progress of possibly a building or a flower blooming.  It’s really cool to see something form out of nothing and it also shows the importance of incremental additions to anything.  It helps us realize that time and the best use of it is so important to the growth of our Christian lives.  If we could go back and see little snippets of our lives and decisions we made we would be amazed at how important those decisions shaped our future.  We would also see how temporal decisions affect us for a lifetime.  If you could look back at your life and see your time lapse growth as a believer, what would you see.  Would you see a significant move toward Godliness after accepting Christ?  Would you see actions that totally mirror the Word of God.  Would you see yourself dealing with issues of faithfulness and sticking to a commitment when all others fall away?  Would you see a lot things you completed that you started or would you see a whole stream of unfinished business?  It would be daunting to look and see how all of the times we have fallen back from our faith in the name of self.  Of course, we who know Christ have the mercy that only God can give and we live every day out of that mercy.  But should we learn from the mistakes of the past and remember them as a stimulus to live a better, wiser life?  I believe so.  It seems so easy also.  If you made a decision to do something and you can see it was from the wrong motivation and actually hurt your life progress, here is the answer.  Don’t do it that way again!  God’s mercy kicks in, but God’s wisdom teaches us from it.  If we don’t learn from those incremental mistakes of the past then the mercy does not fully affect our life in the way it should.  What are you learning today as you live?  If you don’t go to God and His Word for living principles you are out there on your own “winging it.”  The sad thing about it is “those wings don’t fly very good.”  

Make the most of every opporutunity for growth.  Put yourself in a position of accountability with another believer and learn from God together.  We are all in this pilgrimage together and every moment is precious for building our future.  Put yourself in God’s hands and follow His Word and see what kind of house God will build in your life.  It will be one of awesome purpose and direction and a light for all who see it.  Ephesian 5:16 says, “Be redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” The camera is taking pictures of every moment as God builds our faith and grows us in His grace and wisdom.  Be wise by starting off your day with Him and ending your day with Him.  One day you will look back on that kind of life and rejoice as God has shown what it means to have the abundant life through you.

The Pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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