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The Road to Squander

Squander – waste something in a foolish fashion.

Squander is a town in the middle of the state of confusion, in a nation called apathy, that’s in a world of hurt.  In this town everyone thinks they can get everything without doing anything  and this way of thinking keeps them “just manageable” in everything they do in life.  The people there never get beyond the imaginary line of accomplishment that everyone must face at some time or the other.  This line is the invisible, yet known, line that compels those who have so much to offer to just let their dreams and goals be controlled and managed.  If there is ever anyone who goes beyond this line alerts are sent out everywhere to get them back under control.  Because in the town of Squander, in the middle of the state of confusion, in a nation called apathy, that’s in a world of hurt, we must never, I mean never, try something that’s out of the ordinary.  It wouldn’t allow anything that might challenge someone else to try to do something great and exciting with what they have been given in their life by God.  It’s in this fog or state of apathy that the church of Jesus Christ has learned to exist and thrive…..without really thriving.  How can I say that?  Because we see churches that judge their success through how they can meet a man-made budget, or get people to come through their doors, or do the coolest thing on the block without hopefully, offending the God who empowers us.  This is the world we live in and we are in a “world of hurt.”  The hurt that is known is the hurt of not fulfilling the Great Commission as given by Jesus Christ.  The part of it that is not known is those who die every day without the opportunity to receive the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is what is being squandered.  The greatest message of truth in all eternity is squandered and wasted in lives that are fully equipped to share it, and that lack of commitment by those lives is what makes it become a daily practice.  All of this happens in a nation of apathy that lets our leaders dictate what we will do with our lives and controls just how much or how little we can share this great message of hope.  Who is apathetic?  To a certain extent, we all are.  To do less than what we can do  is apathy to a certain degree.  To just get by is the core of apathy and that is seen in the numbers of churches that are folding their doors and giving up.  The church (God’s people united) has for so many years squandered the freedom we have had to reach out as never before and let our differences in the theory of reaching hold us back from being a unified force.  And now things are changing again and God is pushing us all out from under the canopy of laziness and indifference to reach our world or die.  Of course in the state of confusion, we see that direction is lacking and everyone is running their own crazy race based on their own impressions of what being a church really is and God remains patient….or does He?  Remember God is not the author confusion, but satan is, and the confused state of the church, and believers, are to never be without direction and purpose.  We can see the state of confusion is causing everyone to “run for the door” to keep from having to feel guilt or conviction at all.  For believers, that run will end up hitting a wall at some time or another, and causing us to turn and get back in line with God’s ways.  Until then the confusion remains.  All of this comes back to the town called Squander.  It is a town with so much potential, but so little accomplished.  This town is a place of doing nothing, but what is the status quo.  It is the town that lives on tradition and of course, no new thing.  It is a trap for all of the gifts and talents given to those who now live there.  Gift and talents given by God and not given to live in Squander anymore.  You may ask,”What can be done?”  If you are headed to this town, turn around and go the other way and use what God has given you to live to the fullest for Him.  If you are already in this town, then pack up and move to a place where your life will have spiritual purpose again.  The Road to Squander has been paved with good intentions, buried talents, unused gifts, and many other things.  The Road is also very WIDE, which is a good indication God is not in the paving process.  That process comes from our lack of desire, passion, ingenuity, and purpose to make a difference with our life.  Whatever you have lost there through the years of your life can be reclaimed and used again when you stop and turn around and give all out commitment to the “road builder” Jesus Christ.  When you get on His road it will be paved with strong commitment, unified love for each other, challenging each other in accountability, and a commitment to use what God has given you.  That road will lead to fulfillment, and that will result in a Godly state of purpose, that will result in a nation of movement, that will result in a world of hope.  All of that is possible by the great I AM, and no one else.  Use what God has given you and then He will give you more and more to accomplish the mission He has set out before us.

There is a story about a woman who fell out of a second-floor window and landed in a slow-moving garbage truck.  Half-buried in the litter, she tried without success to get the truck-drivers’s attention.  A foreign diplomat standing on the sidewalk saw her and quipped, “another example of how wasteful Americans are.  That woman look like she’s good for at least another 10 years.”

Funny story, but true as I believe we are surely good for another run at this “win the world” thing aren’t we?  Let’s be found giving it all we can and see what God will do.  I think there is more to this life than what we are seeing right now and the time to find it out is now.

Proverbs 8:33 – “Mark a life of discipline and live wisely; don’t squander your precious life.”

Romans 13:13 -“We can’t afford to waste a minute, must not squander these precious daylight hours in frivolity and indulgence, in sleeping around and dissipation, in bickering and grabbing everything in sight. 

2 Corinthians 6:1 – “Companions as we are in this work with you, we beg you, please don’t squander one bit of this marvelous life God has given us.”

Tomorrow’s blog will share how to make the most of every day for Christ and how to get in line with His will for your life.  Won’t it be great to be a shining light in the midst of so much darkness.  Let’s travel together on the road to redemption….

The Pilgrimage continues……

David Warren

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