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pound for pound…

I got on my scale to check my weight a few weeks ago and when I got on, I thought, “Wow, I‘ve really lost the weight!” I had actually lost about 10 lbs and after jumping up and down for about a minute I noticed something funny on my scale. The starting point of the scale had mysteriously gotten bumped back so that it was 10 lbs. lighter than the true weight. Well, of course, I stopped the jumping part and got on my hands and knees and readjusted the starting point to 0. After doing that I crawled back up on the scales and read the figure. I had still lost 1 lb, but the readjustment to reality was very eye opening and the falsehood about my actual weight loss couldn’t be denied.

Sometimes I think we do that in our Christian walk. We coast along and things are going pretty normal. We don’t really step out in faith much, or dig deeper into God’s Word, or serve in a progressive ministry…we are just kind of here. We look at ourselves through our own eyes and everything looks pretty good, even better. That’s when we get the false reality that coasting is okay and just making due is acceptable, and well, you get the picture.

Then we make the mistake of checking the standard on the scales of God’s plan for us and suddenly reality hits. Instead of the finely tuned machine we think we are, we have become fat and idle and didn’t even know it. If we could only measure our Christian walk by how big we have become. In reality, God uses us more when we become smaller and He becomes bigger in our life.

So, pound for pound, how big do you perceive yourself to be? Be sure and dial in to God’s standard before you look at the scale. Then you will be able to realistically approach the throne when spending time with God in worship. He is always growing us to be more like Him, but we need to see just how little we need to become so He can grow us up in His grace and power.

The Pilgrimage continues…

David Warren

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