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Point Break

Point Break – a permanent obstruction such as a coral reef, rock, shoal, or headland that causes a wave to break, forming a barreling wave or other wave that can be surfed, before it eventually collapses.  

The cult classic movie Point Break brought out that very surfing term and brought to light a way of thinking that parallels the world we live in today.  In the movie a group of surfer adrenaline junkies decided they would start robbing banks in a very unique way.  They dressed up with masks of past presidents for disguises and entered the banks with weapons loaded.  Johnny Utah (played by Keanu Reeves) an FBI agent befriended them with the intent of stopping their bank robbing and almost became one of them by dialing into their flawed philosophy of living.  Their philosophy basically came down to one thing, “We are going to surf till the day we die.”  It’s been 21 years since the movie debuted, but that philosophy of no remorse in doing whatever we want, no matter the consequences, has gotten momentum and now we are about to see the end result of the “big slide” called the wave of apathy.

Radical, unbridled living has always been the tendency for a fallen world and up to this point it has been avoided by those who call themselves Christian.  In America we see that a large part of our country is now drinking the Kool Aid and it is tainted with poison that is slow acting, but deadly.   As we continue to see more and more of our country’s strong principles erode we also see what is underneath it all.  Sin and satan.  

In the surfing term Point Break we also see the reality of what a point break is and how it is formed.  The coral under the water is unseen as it forms waves without restriction that will come to the shore in beautiful majestic streams.  The effect of that process is shown in the waves beginning and it’s end.  When the water hits the coral underneath it builds a “swell” and that swell forms the wave that will come to shore.  In our world the coral is the underlying patterns of a fallen world that obstruct the flow of water and form the peaceful waters into a  strong, forceful wave.  We are seeing the obstructions that are forming against God and His Word that have been placed by our government to take what should be a peaceful flow, and turn it into a tumultuous wave of deception and sin.  The forming of this wave looks so majestic and good, but the end result is much different than what we bought into.  When we lived on one of the barrier islands in North Carolina I would go out and Bogey board and body surf almost every day.  The waves were all different, but all the same in many ways.  Different in form and size, but the same in result.  At the end of the wave there would always be a “crash.”  If you rode the wave properly, you would get pushed toward the shore at a fast pace and then glide to the waiting sand.  If you didn’t ride the wave properly you would get “hammered” and find yourself gasping for air because it was totally out of your control.  This is where the obstructions, put here by satan, have started a wave that some believers think they can ride, but the end result will be a horrific crash.  Why?  The wave is not started by God, but by man’s disobedience.  Right now the world is on this wave and the perception is the wave is going to ride us into the shore safely, but it’s not.  There will be a crash, and the casualties will be massive.  When we get to that point break, many will say, “what happened”, and “why didn’t you tell us?”  All the words will not mean anything because it will be too late and it will be over…….  The way of satan is always subtle and his ways of building a killer wave starts under the water where it can’t be seen.  The sad part for those who ride that wave is they don’t know what the wave will do to them.  By the way, Christians have all the information available to know the “condition” of the waves long before they get in the water.  There is no excuse for those who know Jesus.  NO EXCUSE!!

In our selfish, prideful way of looking at life, the thrill seekers are always looking for the ultimate rush, and that is because of a dissatisfaction with reality.  Patrick Swayze’s character said it well, “If you want the ultimate, you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price.  It’s not tragic if to die doing what you love.”  That’s the world’s mentality right now and the trade out will be disastrous.  It’s seems the country we live in has let the wave grow  out of control and they are riding it as long as they can but…….there will come a crash.  Why?  Because what’s under the water will surface and everyone will see they have been deceived.

We must ask ourselves now.  What is my Point Break?  What obstructions have caused me to drift away from the purity of the truth.  Am I riding the wave of sin and apathy expecting the world to give me what I want out of life?  Have I “bought in” to the lure of the enemy?  If so, it’s time to hang up your surfboard and get out of the water because you are in the wrong ocean and deception has gotten control over your life.  In Psalm 89:9 the Psalmist said, “You put the arrogant ocean in its place and calm its waves when they turn unruly.”  God can and will silence the rough waves and He has already defeated the obstructions satan tries to put in our life.  In Luke 8 Jesus was asleep in the boat with the disciples and the waves started getting very rough.  In verse 24 it says, “They awoke Jesus: “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!”  Getting to His feet, He told the wind, “Silence!” and the waves, “Quiet down!”  They did it.  The lake became smooth as glass.”  Don’t give in but, don’t give up either.  God is still on His throne and the same power that allows the waves to rise will quiet them also.  We must remain faithful no matter what condition our country is in and that will be the witness that will impact the lives that will soon crash on the shore.    It’s kind of ironic also that in the movie the bank robbers wore masks of president’s faces.  It might stand to reason that even a president could be different than the way they look when they take off their mask.  There are robbers wherever you go, so be aware, and turn your eyes to the only true Master of us all.  Jehovah God.  His ways are the best ways.   If we will just remember that it will be our Point Break!!  Jude said it well in 1:13, “Wild ocean waves leaving nothing on the beach but the foam of their shame.  Lost stars in outer space on their way to the black hole.”  What ocean are you surfing in?

The Pilgrimage continues….

David Warren

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