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My oldest son is a doctor and when looking at the field he would pursue in medicine, he thought a lot about internal medicine. When talking to him I remember him saying that he would be working on the part you only see when you make an opening and go inside. Or, in other words, you work on those parts of the body that are only seen when an incision is made. He didn’t go into that field, but it helped me realize that God sees the deepest part of each of us and knows what we need and how we tick. He takes that which no one else can see or understand and makes sense of it all by daily drawing us closer to His image. He changes us from the inside out.

Our worship will always be more God-centered when we respond to the God of internal medicine. Get in on God’s health care plan and allow Him to work His great healing in your heart, your mind, your soul and your spirit. If he is working on those areas every day, the outward result will be a person who is whole and healed.The Pilgrimage continues….

The Pilgrimage continues…. David Warren

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