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I’ve Told You a Million Times, Don’t Exaggerate!!

Exaggerate – to represent something as being larger, greater, better, or worse than it really is…It also means to “heap up!”  If you listen to any news commentators in the past five years you will notice that our down to earth news is full of exaggerations and the news has become “heaped up” information that is mostly over blown.  Our politicians and those who represent them use words like unprecedented, unmatched, unequaled, etc. and the un’s definitely have it.  Everybody is wanting to blow up the truth to make it more sensational and appealing, and in doing so even the truth becomes a lie.  This change in our society is unprecedented. (ha ha caught you didn’t I?) That last statement may actually be true!!  Who knows?  The purity of truth is compromised more and more every day and we have to sit there and listen to one exaggeration after another.  It’s kind of sickening.   If the top leaders of our country can’t totally tell the truth, then what or who can we trust?  You may wonder why we are so dulled to common, basic, truth.  It’s because things are so exaggerated beyond the point of reality, that it makes the foundational truths suffer because of a lack of pizzazz or exaggerations.  Ok, I admit it.  We are not just eating candy now, we have jumped into Willy Wonka’s giant candy jar and we are eating ourselves into obscurity.  Why?  Because it’s sweet to our ears and our eyes.  Do you remember in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when one of the children, Augustus Gloop, was so gluttonous that he started drinking straight from the chocolate river?   Or course, in his present mental condition at the time, you can’t blame him.  He downed chocolate bars as a hobby, so his desire for the sweetest things he could find had been developed over time.  The only problem was he fell in the chocolate river and then was wisked out through the chocolate tube and thus stopped him from finishing his opportunity to inherit the whole factory.  His desire for MORE MORE MORE was the thing that kept him from getting MORE!!!  Per his example it shouldn’t be surprising that gluttony and exaggerated truth go hand in hand.  In our desire to see and hear the latest, greatest, and best we soon hit the wall.  That wall is our imperfect humanity.  Bummmmer.  Back to earth Peter Pan.  Back to the real world.  Wake up America!!  Time to tell the real truth about things.  Of course, the world and all it’s habits will never totally wake up and that is prophetic truth from God’s Word.  But, we as believers can wake up and set into motion a lifestyle that deals with God’s Pure Truth and not need exaggerations.  If we start this process the gluttonous attitudes of a worldly perspective will not even interest us and over a period of time we will start to believe a new truth, GOD IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!  We will see that we are missing the joy of the inheritance Jesus Christ made possible for those who believe because we are drinking from the sweet river of the world’s exaggerations.  We will also realize that the river of exaggerations will get us headed in a totally different direction than the best direction.  God’s Direction

The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 111:7, “He manufactures truth and justice; All His products are guaranteed to last.”  Also, in Psalm 119:90 “Your truth never goes out of fashion; it’s as up-to-date as the earth when the sun comes up.”

God’s truth is awesome with no exaggerations added.  It is what it is, and that’s enough. News Flash – He is all we need.  You can present that on the evening news as being unmatched if you want.  You can even say it is unequaled.  Or better yet, you can just report it is God, I Am, and that will be enough.  He is beyond our words and our world’s perspective.  You don’t have to exaggerate who He is at all, because He is THE ALL!!

Psalms 119:91 – Your Word and Truth are dependable as ever; that’s what You ordered-you set the earth going.  I’m liking that News.  Aren’t you?

The Pilgrimage continues…..

David Warren

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