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Frame It!!

I was in the mall awhile back and went by a store that specializes in paintings and prints. As I was looking at one of the prints that was not framed, I noticed another one exactly like it a few feet away. The only difference with the other one was it was framed. After looking closer I could tell immediately that the details of the framed print jumped off the canvas and the unframed print looked rather faded and the colors weren’t vibrant. If I had only looked at the unframed print, I would probably have thought, “nice picture” and moved on. But after looking at the framed version, that was framed in a beautiful cherry wood frame, I continued to pick up more and more color varieties and intricate artwork painted by the painter.

At Christmas we many times look at the birth of Jesus as a historical fact, which it is, and after remembering it once again we get on with our life. Even Jesus is the Reason for the Season can become empty and reduced to just a phrase if we don’t look closer at the picture God has painted on the canvas of history. Like the print without a frame in the print store it can at times become a reptitious event on the world calendar. But….it’s much more than that and I believe we need to frame the event of the birth of the Savior of the world in the beautiful framework that God’s grace and mercy has built to make Christmas a time for life change and challenge.

If we put it in the proper framework of God’s Word, we will start to see very intricate details that many people are missing. Details like hope for eternity in heaven and not hell. Power to live a life that makes an impact on all who cross our path. Strength to change history in a nation that so desperately needs to turn back to God. Wisdom to lead our children and their children in a path to God and His wonderful ways. Peace to know that when all else is falling apart around us we are growing stronger every day. Love that uplifts our hearts and gives us a heart for giving and growing closer to the God who loves us.

It we take Christmas just one step further by framing it in the beautiful framework of God’s plan, it WILL be a time of the year when we see more clearly just how much God really loves us. Abba Father wants us to see Him more and more clearly every day, so don’t let this opportunity slip away by just looking at a calendar date. Frame it in God’s frame and see it fresh and anew. And remember, He is painting the picture of YOUR life and framing it in His grace and mercy. Oh what a Savior!!!

Jesus, really is the reason for the season,

David Warren

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